Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wow. Woops.

In all honesty I kind of forgot this blog existed and that I'm supposed to be diligently updating it every day if not every week. I'm sorry, it's a shame I haven't been as good because my life has been full of many dramatic ups and downs. I've gotten used to, fallen in love with, fallen out of love with, and finally accepted my work here in Korea. It is both rewarding and difficult. I love almost all my students, I love interacting with them, I love an interest in learning. But, I hate some in-office aspects of life, some of the courses, and my schedule can be really hard at times.
While here I've also made some friends, mostly because of the cafe I frequent, but also through other friends and such. Of course two friends from university days live in Korea so it's great getting to see them from time to time. I haven't seen them much recently though because I got a boyfriend.
For most people this is semi-big news (as big of news as men can be which, let's be real, there are more important things in life) because I went to an all girls school and I'm suuuuuupes awkward around guys. I want nothing more than to post photos of me and him together and tell everyone all the details I can about him and what we do together.
Unfortunately I can't do any of this for a little bit of time. But I promise by summer. Or by mid-summer, I will be able to post photos and I will clarify why all the secrecy had to happen etc. etc.
I can tell you he is younger than me and he loves me very dearly.

Since we have open classes coming up here at my hagwon, I have to go to bed because I'm burned out and super tired and stressed. But I will upload photos of my life so far, maybe photos that sum up the time I've missed b/c of lack of blogging? And maybe I'll start doing this thing again :) If the demand is there.

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