Monday, November 24, 2014

Yes, I'm Alive

I feel like I told SOOOO many people I would keep my blog updated and now I feel like I'm letting them down. SO I've been meaning to write a blog post but in all honesty I'm so exhausted all the time. This is a lot to adjust to so I hope you will be patient with me.
aside from crazy eyes this pretty much sums up my relationship with this kid. I love him!
CCTV all day every day
Miss that cut out (its gone now)
A cafe I used to frequent when I was staying in that area.
Seoul Forest.
Birthday party
Birthday parties 
Found and finally had the confidence to go inside the taco bell. Worth it. 
Seoul Forest again (I love it). 
In front of Lotte Hotel near City Hall. I love how the trees are still SO orange! 
When I stumbled on the lantern festival.
This kid. 
Seoul Forest. 
Just a little Texas representation. 
The lantern festival part II. 

Also this past weekend I went clubbing in Gangnam and it was so awesome. Also this weekend Rebekah visited and we had such a good time. We went to Seoul Forest and hung out in cafe's and went to Hongdae it was great. Other things that happened:

- My dress caught on fire (it is literally just like in the movies)
- The Mcdonalds delivery man and I had a really intense moment that Rebekah creeped on hard core in the background 
- I became obsessed with Taeyang from Big Bang and I don't know how but now that's a thing and I kind of hate myself for it b/c white people that get SUPER into Korea/ Japan/ any Asian country can be super annoying and weird so yeah. But look where we are that's the way she goes.
- My diet right now mostly consists of rice and kimchi and that really isn't a lie or an exaggeration like it's what I had for lunch and dinner.
- I've had so much kimchi that now I can tell what's good and what's not good isn't that weird (probably not weird to Koreans but I used to never taste a difference)
- Mosquitos here actually don't die ever and they are still all inside the building and there are some in my apartment and I really hate it like they NEED to die
- They don't really heat water in bathrooms here so when you wash your hands in winter it really blows
- I don't know what I'll be doing or where I'll be for Christmas and that's so weird.
- I got a Korean phone finally (and the adorable lil' guy at the phone place gave me a free phone case insisting that this was NOT normal policy but it was his gift to me and now I have to pass by every day and it's only a lil awk) (//・_・//)
- I danced w/ a cutie at da club

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  1. When you have the opportunity I would very much like to hear about your dress catching on fire that sounds like an adventure


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