Friday, February 8, 2013

Review + Comparison: Rimmel Matte Lipstick vs. Covergirl LipPerfect™ Lip Color

OK. Did I tell you guys I was going to do this? Well, I'm gonna. So here's the deal. I have been tirelessly searching for lipstick that looks like this on my face. I wanted it to be a red with cool undertones that kind of had almost like a so-dark-it's-almost-black kind of red underneath it. Difficult to explain. Anyway, so I purchased on a whim #107 of Rimmel's Kate Moss Matte Lipstick thinking that in her ad, it looked similar to what I wanted. Then I found out that the make-up artist who did the first image I linked on here made a line for Covergirl based on the runway show she did that year. And she said that she used a lot of those colors on the models. Well, I hunted down the color (Hot) that I thought it was and purchased it online. Rimmel ended up being $5.49, Covergirl ended up being around $7. 
The top one is the Covergirl shade called "Hot #305," the bottom Rimmel's. Now I've already done a review for the Rimmel matte lipsticks, so I'll spare you on that one. But I'll post a few photos again of what it looks like with my complexion. 
Now the Covergirl shade was (not to my knowledge) declared a matte color. But I didn't care, I just wanted to find that freaking shade (still haven't found it FYI, spoiler I know). The packaging was alright, it wasn't something I oohed and ahhh'd over. But it did the job and I liked the minimal look of it.
I also like that you can see the color that you're going to be selecting on the bottom. That makes it nice and a lot easier to find the color you want. OK, now what it looks like on my face. 
So, obviously this shade is much more bold. And I think it is a great red and would be perfect for evenings out and simple daytime looks, as most true reds are suited to do. But here's the thing that drove me craaaaaazzzyyyy about this lipstick-- it takes forever to get off. I mean, I'm telling you, I looked crazy all day. Because the first layer comes off and then it's just kind of the same color but matte. Then, you keep rubbing. I used vaseline and make-up remover and nothing worked. Didn't budge. Then I kept rubbing at it all afternoon, and another layer of color came off, but this one left the shade on my lips a crazy bright fuchsia color!! What?! So I kept at it and it kind of went to this dull pink that was at least socially acceptable (mind you it had been 4 hours since I applied and I had been vigorously rubbing my lips with the back of my hand almost the entire time. And eating, drinking, and putting on chapstick)
So, do I like the color? Yes. It's pretty bold for me, but yeah, I like the color... initially! But the hassle to take it off will probably deter me from ever buying this lipstick again until they fix their formula. I didn't face the same problem with Rimmel. While stubborn and definitely on longer than I meant it to be, I could at least remove it with make-up remover when I didn't want it on anymore. And I think this is the reason I generally avoid pharmacy make-up... because the quality just isn't as good :/ Rimmel is definitely an exception, though, and I've been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of their products!
Both lipsticks after washing vigorously and using make-up remover. Top, once again, Covergirl, bottom is Rimmel.

Has anyone used these products? Did you find them easier to take off, and if so, what did you use? Have you liked your experience with pharmacy (high street) make-up products? 



  1. that exact cover girl lipstick has become my new go-to red. I like that it lasts an entire day in the office -- through lunch and coffee and everything, -- but it does get very pink after a chapstick application. That's not a good look. Overall, I like for the cheap pricetag.

    1. Understandable... it's very difficult to pay $30 for a lipstick, even if it is a very gorgeous shade! For make-up on a budget, it's a great color, I just wish the "lasting" power didn't have so many side effects.


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