Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little About Me....

So, I know I didn't make a post yesterday and today's post really isn't going to be fashion/ beauty related, but I thought, for the people who read this, it would be fun if you got to know a little bit about me aside from those little questions and random facts about me you get from time to time.
So, yes, I live in Dallas, and I have been living here for quite some time.

I've grown to really love and appreciate the area I live in. I've been blessed with a really wonderful family, a wonderful education from a great school and university, and lots of fun, crazy friends.
Me and Antoinette in the modern art museum in Nice, France (2009)
I'm really frustrated and torn about what I want to do with my future. My major was European Studies which doesn't really narrow anything down. I know that Western Europe holds a place in my heart and that it will play an important role in my future.
I'm working really hard on breaking out of my fear of "leaving" my family. One of my greatest illogical fears in life is constantly worrying that I may never see my parents again. So, I live every day anxious and afraid and worried. I need to decide what kind of future I want to have without worrying about anyone else, because it is my life to live, no one elses. That doesn't make it any easier to make a decision! I know I want to work in beauty/ travel/ fashion, but I have no idea how or in what area.
I'm really really goofy, as you can tell from that picture of me with my friend Antoinette. I am very loyal, and considerate. I try to look out for other people and be nice. I'm very stubborn and very hot headed. I love socializing but I'm not very good at initiating conversations sometimes. I love taking photographs, I love countrysides, I love slow breakfasts and long evenings. Sometimes I even get narcissistic and take photos when I think I look pretty.
Tomorrow I'll get back to the usual stuff, but for some reason today I felt a little sentimental! Also, I hope to start uploading outfits of the day a few times a week. Maybe when I lose more weight and have more self confidence? That's something I'm lacking in, and I'm trying to be better about it!!!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was relaxing. We had an amazing southern lightning storm last night that shook the house and scared our dog half to death! -xx


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