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My name is Julia and I'm 27 years old. Currently located in Dallas, Texas. I've travelled the world studying it's history and cultures. I majored in European Studies, enjoying the finer things in life throughout Western Europe. Recently I moved to, and from, Seoul, South Korea, where I developed a love of East Asian culture, cosmetics, and food. Since childhood I've been passionate about the finer things in life (it was a running joke in the family). I am a very driven and hardworking person.

I believe in the empowerment of women and increasing their confidence every day. Yes, I am plus sized. Its a topic and a fact I've avoided for some time. I'm not going to hide it, or my body, anymore. I don't condone unhealthy lifestyles in both thin and thick people. I do want to become healthier and find peace with my body. I hope, if I begin posting body positive pictures on this blog, that you will have the decency to not say anything cruel. I have struggled with self-hate my whole life. Yes, I want to take action. Yes, I want to be healthy. Be patient with me and enjoy the journey with me.

 I have been interested in fashion, photography, and travel since my first trip overseas at the age of 7. Now, years later, a college degree in hand and no real direction for a career in sight, I am starting my own scary journey. I will be posting pictures of my life, my travels, my make-up reviews. I hope you enjoy them, my pictures, and my words. If I have any photos on here that are not my own, I always credit the source.

Always feel free to message me with ideas, possibilities, interests, comments, whatever! I love hearing from people.

xx JKJ

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