Monday, April 7, 2014

Changes, I've Never Been Good with Change...

So here's the thing with living at home as a twenty something:

I love being at home with my family and I appreciate all the things my parents do for me. Seriously they both work so hard and I know that I've lived a blessed life. I don't even mind the embarrassment of being caught eating cookies out of the freezer at 1:30 in the morning.

I feel an anxiousness to move on with my life. I will be 26 in  a few weeks and feel the weightiness of not having my life together. Oh you want a checklist?

"real" job
not having an emotional crisis over who gets the remote

Nope on all fronts.

What I have done with my time:

make exceptionally specific playlists
daydream about the book I want to write
avoid meaningful relationships

All joking aside I know when I do leave I will be moving from Dallas. As weird as this place is, Texas has been my home for many, many years. I can't imagine not being close to my family. Or the warm nights and balmy mornings. Roadtrips and the way the sun sets over the flatlands. Mexican food with my friends and rolling down the windows at night and looking up at the sky and knowing my place in the world.

I am dramatic and a romanticist by nature. I know change is essential for growth and I appreciate what change can bring (so many unexpected adventures, Frodo). But that doesn't make change easy. I am scared of applying for jobs because I fear rejection and I also fear an answer. I'm afraid of what yes might bring as much as I'm afraid of what no brings.

I can't live here anymore but leaving here is leaving all the memories behind. I know I will visit but... growing up... ugh its just final and it sucks. I think if one facet of my life were nailed down the transition into adulthood would be easier, more graceful. But from where I stand, I think I'm just going to keep stumbling into it until by accident I find myself with a career and maybe a car. Or a dog.

The weirdest thing is not knowing where I'll be in a month from now... two months... next year. Will I be in the US? Will I still be here? The future. Ever changing.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lorde of the Land

You may have (probably have) heard the song Royals by newcomer Ella Yelich O'Conner aka Lorde.
If not, it's here.

I've read several quotes from this girl and she's just really awesome. Did you know she's 16 years old? 16!!! THAT'S AWESOME. Proof that you can do anything at any age if you work hard enough. She's a New Zealander (more proof that it's a perfect place??) and from this interview in Elle it seems she's pretty down-to-earth. I like that she's straightforward and is in creative control for her look and everything. Her voice is so good and her lyrics totally raw. You can listen to her upcoming album Pure Heroine here on VH1's website

I don't know about you but I'm a big lyric person. There is nothing better than listening to a song, hearing a lyric and all of a sudden your situation just becomes so crystalized it gives you butterflies and just is like an icicle to your heart it's so amazing. And even better, when the lyric isn't about love but about something really deep, ah, it's just so good. 

Which is why I like Lorde so much. Her music is just really straightforward. You can tell she thought about these words after a bad party and maybe a walk alone in the street, or when she was leaving a movie or whatever. The point is, the lyrics are awesome and I'm really excited for her album to come out, which, by the way, is September 30th.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Current Obsession: Jour d'Hermes

So after reading my book (see previous post) I've become obsessed with luxury goods and fashion in the sense that I am now constantly checking the quality of the items I'm using, checking the "made in" tag, and constantly looking for new and independent labels that make high quality goods.

What I also took away from the book was a desire to smell Hermès perfumes. Because they still have a nose who knows a great deal about perfume. And because they still use very fine packaging and aren't trying to constantly cut costs. And also because it's a company that intrigues me as I think they still desire true luxury in a world of homogenized fashion and goods.

I went and smelled one and fell in love. Well I did with all of them, but especially this one.

This perfume is so clean and so perfect for every day as well as nice events. I can't describe it. It's clean in the sense that you can tell there aren't too many scents in it, but it's not necessarily a "clean" smell. It just smells very high quality. It isn't powdery or cloying. It's very much luxurious and I very much love it!
You can buy it at Sephora, Nordstroms, and of course at Hermès. You can also buy a re-filler and reuse the bottle, which is awesome.

Monday, September 2, 2013

What I'm Reading and How it's Changing My Life

So my insane trip is over, I have so many pictures to show all of you, and, as I'm cramming months of work to finish up my degree in two weeks, I'm a little stressed out. But in between all this, I'm currently reading a book that is putting into concise words why I've been frustrated and underwhelmed by the fashion industry lately. The book is called, "Deluxe How Luxury Lost it's Luster."

This book is hitting home a lot of ideas that have been driving me crazy about the fashion industry. I'm only a few chapters in, but Dana Thomas (the author) describes the way in which women used to buy items and it makes me so frustrated I can't believe it. What I life! Listen,

"... shopping for clothes, be it couture or read-to-wear, was a pleasurable affair. you chose what you liked, often during a fashion show or a personal viewing, retired to a spacious, comfortable dressing room, tried on the garments leisurely, and had the seamstress on hand to do whatever retouching was necessary. Couture and high-end department-store saleswomen were counselors and confidantes. They knew who was wearing what to which event, they knew what suited you, and they advised you accordingly."

It wasn't about being a certain size or fitting into an image that everyone around you adheres to. It was about you shopping in a personalized and safe way. She continues,

"Today, by contrast, shopping for luxury brand clothing is an exercise in patience. Usually there are only a few pieces of clothing and only in the smallest sizes. This is where the slim sales assistants come in: they scurry into the back storeroom for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes to find your size, or perhaps another style that isn't on the floor, or even a dress that no one else has seen. If it doesn't please you, they scurry off again for another ten or twenty minutes. and so on." (page 5).

This is so true. Even if you aren't buying couture, shopping in department stores was so different. Luxury and wealth was so different. And it didn't feel like you had to prove something either. Wealth used to be more refined. After World War II and fashion became a business that was publically traded, things changed. I think for the worse. This quote says a lot,

"In the old days when luxury brands were privately held companies, owners cared about making a profit but the primary objective in-house was to produce the finest products possible. Since the tycoons have taken over, however, that objective has been replaced by a phenomenon I call the cult of luxury. Today, luxury brand items are collected like baseball cards, displayed like artwork, brandished like iconography. Arnault and his fellow luxury tycoons have shifted the focus from what the product is to what it represents ."

Now we are wearing the companies logo. Do you ever think about that? How we are advertising an item, for free, that we paid an exorbitant amount of inflated money on, for a company that doesn't care about quality so much as profit? Isn't that strange?

So this is what I'm reading in my downtime and HIGHLY recommend it. More posts soon, about products I actually love that are actually worthwhile!
What are you all reading, anything good? Ever heard of this book?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Paris, Paris

Did you think I'd given up on my blog? Never! My life has been very hectic for the past few weeks and it has been so hard to even complete normal tasks like washing my face... but now I am back on routine.

This isn't the first time I've been to Paris, but it is probably the most explorative. I've been to the cliche places so many times, this trip I decided I wanted to get lost down streets, find vrai shopping a la parisienne, and just generally find a joy in living because let's face it, living at home with your parents post college can cause quite the slump.
my view, spices, galeries lafayette. I love the place but oh my gosh the crowds. The crowds.

So far we have visited Meaux and Provins, tomorrow we are going to Auver-sur-Oise where Van Gogh is buried. I've gone up Rue Montparnasse and Rue du Rennes, been to Tuileries, through the Marais quite often... it's definitely been fun! More photos and more information to come, just thought I'd say hi to everyone and that yes, I'm alive.

Oh also, doing hair and make up here is impossible for two reasons. First, French women don't really wear make-up and they don't really need to because they are so naturally beautiful. So when I wear make-up I feel so awkward here. And second of all, it is SO hot here with no air conditioning and so much walking... the make-up looks so crazy by the end of the day. Now to check on everyone's blogs!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Exiting Stuff Ahead // Flash Lens Aviators

OK guys, I will now announce that in a few weeks I will be headed off to Paris for three weeks, following which I will go to Norway and Denmark for eight days. I feel so excited and privileged to be going to Europe for a month-- I've missed it so much as several of you know and I can't wait to be back.
Of course this means a few things, one being that I need to start setting aside shopping money, and another being the start of some intense research into things to do. Since I lived in Paris for several months I am familiar with it and have been to the "main targets" many many times. I want to start exploring some of the areas I'm not as familiar with, so I've begun the process of writing down coffee shops, stores, and smaller museums that I want to visit. If anyone knows anything about Norway or Denmark (specifically Copenhagen) send me an e-mail or comment below to let me know of fun things around. I have never traveled in Scandinavia before so I'm not sure what to expect (except heavy taxes and prices.)

Aside from that I'm still struggling to get over Hawaii time. I've been so lazy and unproductive this whole week and now that it's ending I feel the need to kick it into high gear, meaning more posts, on more topics, as well as finally finishing my degree up and all those other boring things.

Also, I finally purchased some Ray-Ban flash lensed aviators and I'm in love! They're so great, even my brother-in-law liked them enough to buy a pair while we were in Maui.
 The view was spectacular. You can see the island of Molokai in the distance.
These lenses are so beautiful and come in three colors but I thought blue looked the best with my complexion. 

Bonus picture: this little dog was so excited to see us when we got back, she collapsed as I was unpacking and fell asleep like this!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Maui Scenery

In case you didn't know, Hawaii is gorgeous

 (view from 39,000 feet over Los Angeles, complete blanket of clouds)
I'm sad to be home because that means leaving family members and of course, the beach. I loved my time there, I can't wait to share more photos!