Friday, April 8, 2016

Lusting for Lately

Spring has sprung and that means suddenly all of the minimalist beautiful tumblr post I see fill me with envy and I find myself, sadly, without any finances with which I can selfishly buy all the things I want. Spring is so short here in Texas that I'm already dreading the summer I can feel rapidly approaching. For now I will enjoy the beautiful cool nights and mornings and not think about the months to come. 
Lately I've been stressed and excited. I have a big idea for what I want to do with my life, but find myself without the connections or resources to do this. I know it's possible, I just have to decide which difficult path I want to go down. All expensive, all time consuming, but certainly worth it. So for now, I will peruse the internet, tumbling down the deepest pathways of online forums and beauty blogs to find more things I don't need (but really, really want).

 1. Cute storage. I have always loved these kind from Urban. I don't know why I love simple glass/ metal pairings so much, but I do!
 2. I LOVE Diptyque candles, and I remember smelling (I think) this fragrance several years ago at Nordstrom. I told her I wanted something woodsy and not too feminine. I always told myself I would get it after I used up my Hermes one, but alas, that is still very full. I need to remember to wear my perfume every day!
 3. Photo from this website. I really want to read more and this book really interests me. I don't love the NastyGal company, mostly because I think the clothes are for a very limited number of people and I'm definitely not one of them, nor do I really love the styles. But I love the company's CEO. I read a little of this book when I was in the bookstore and I loved her voice, her work ethic, and her frugalness.
 4. This Drew bag by Chloe is so beautiful to me. I love the gold hardware, I love the shape of it, but most of all I love the lock system they have in place. I think this would be such a cute color with my color palette I'm always wearing (think creams, whites, blues, and black). I'm trying to add more color into my life (seriously I'm wearing grey on grey on grey today) so this is a good starting point. Baby steps!
 5. I have wanted a moisturizing, glowy lotion for a while now and I've heard great things about this one. Also fun that you can put it in your hair! I know I'm a pale, white, bed-sheet ghost, but I still want to pretend I can have fun and tan with the girls and you know, I think this oil could do the trick.
6. Photo found here. I am DYING to have shinier, softer hair and I've heard this product is amazing. I'm hoping after a few more Posh sales/ I finally get paid that I will be able to purchase this. I've heard you can wear it as a mask or even over night and it just restores your hair and makes it so shiny and soft.

What have you been lusting after lately? Have you tried any of these products? Comment below!

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