Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: J.One Jelly Pack

Wow. No words.

When I was in Korea a few weeks ago I heard about this product called the J.One Jelly pack. It was created from beloved Korean actress Ji Won Ha (thus, the name J.One). She has seriously amazing skin and was kind enough to finally release her "secret weapon."

This product is a bit strange, and in her video on the subject, Ji Won described this jelly pack as a corset for your face. Huh? I thought it sounded kind of strange too. She said it basically pulls everything in and makes your skin feel supported all day. Watch the video below and see how she does it herself! (I like how she says positive things to herself whilst applying the product. I definitely believe this works!)
In Korea this product was only available through her website . I did find it at one beauty shop (like Olive Young or LOHBs) but I can't remember the name at the moment. I liked ordering through the website though because they gave me a free full sized face wash!

Here's what my skin looked like after waking up:
Just after washing. And then, here is what it looked like after applying the jelly pack:
Not a hugely noticeable difference at first. The product is a little gooey and a little sticky. It's hard to describe but it definitely feels strange when you first apply it. In the video she does soooo many pumps but I only do 2, 3 at the most. I feel like 4 is overkill and this is precious stuff to me! You can immediately feel the pull she describes in the video. Your face feels lifted, it's like armor for your skin. It really does feel so unique and incredible. This is one of many beauty multi-taskers to come out of Korea recently. Not everyone enjoys the 10-13 step skincare process and are creating items that cut down on the time it takes to get ready both morning and night.
This is after air cushion foundation has been applied and after I suddenly grew myself some eyebrows. Jk, I have them but they are very hard to see and nearly invisible just like my friend Niyatee told me in middle school -.- I think this product gives me such a nice glow and I love having it on.
Finished makeup look! I adore using this product and I will definitely be purchasing it again. I have to say, if you can buy it while traveling, do it. They jack up the price so much here! It was 23,000 won in Korea (about 20 dollars) and I see it listed at memebox for $35, some places for $42! Yikes. 
Have you heard of this product featured in Vogue? Have any of you tried it? I recommend it, it will change your beauty routine! 

You can find this item here or here.  


  1. gorgeous!
    come and joy my EOS giveaway

  2. Great review and gorg as usual!

  3. THank yo for the wonderful review! I'm glad that you are enjoying Korea. I invested so much time and love on Korean beauty products when I was living there and now that I'm no longer there, I am lazy... haha. Trying to pick up the Korean beauty trend these days starting with masks and this J.One jelly pack! I got a tester after reading your review and it's quite nice. Am planning to get the full size product. Have you tried the cleanser as well? Is it good?

    1. SOOOO sorry I'm replying so late because I want to get back into blogging! Yes I got the facewash as well and I loved it! Consistancy is a bit odd (also jelly like with tones of honey). I also got the air cushion and I loved that as well! J.One products always make my skin glow!

  4. Hi there! I am going Korea next month and would like to know where in Korea can I get J.One products? What the name of the retail store?


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