Monday, April 8, 2013

Rimmel Haul + Review

Why didn't I notice this was out of focus I hate myself.
Since my birthday is coming up I've been told by my parents not to buy anything because they don't want me to purchase anything that could be on my list (there was some make-up on there). Since I can't buy the expensive make-up that I want to, I've been purchasing some drugstore (high street) make-up, most of it being Rimmel. There are a few other items I'll review later when the time is right.
Some of these things were purchased out of the country because they aren't possible to find in the U.S. For some reason, Rimmel has a smaller market here, and you cannot find their blush in stores. It's very odd.
 From the left: 
Taken on a cloudy morning but in full light. 
This color is part of the Kate Moss Rimmel Matte Lipstick collection. I purchased #102. I already own #107 and #103, and you can see the review of those here. This is brighter than #103, it's a punchier pink than I expected. It's a very spring/ summer color, so it's perfect for the upcoming season. It's quite moisturizing for a matte lipstick but still a bit drying. It also has a strong scent, kind of fruity or floral, so if that makes you feel queasy or you have a sensitivity than be aware of that. 
Next up is a blush called Santa Rose (#010) It's been very popular in the affordable make-up market as it's (I suppose) a dupe for NARS' famous Orgasm blush. It is quite similar, though not as pink. It also doesn't last as long, but is still so gorgeous on, all it needs is a setting/ make-up lasting spray. 
 No foundation/ make-up on. 
This is so freaky close to my face, but this way you can see the bits of sparkle in the blush. They aren't visible unless up VERY close, they just create a beautiful glow. 
I purchased this blush from ASOS, where it's $6.63 currently. The link is here.
Another item I purchased was the Rimmel Apocalips Lipgloss. I saw this item ALL OVER the blogosphere. Well, from the UK blogs. It looked so gorgeous on and I don't own any lipglosses so pigmented. I even contacted Rimmel but they said they wouldn't be opening them to the US market. ASOS came to the rescue here, again! That website just keeps proving to be indispensable. When they perfect their shipping and/ or tracking they will be an unstoppable company.
 This is the lip color Nova. 
 This is quite a bold lip color... much bolder than I had anticipated, but still fun! It smells similar to their lipstick. The smell doesn't bother me because it doesn't last long (similar to the NYX Beige lip gloss). Things I found through using this lip gloss: it's not a high shine gloss, and the gloss doesn't last long but sort of fades in a lip stain that is still very bright and pretty. 
That is so much lip. Oh well, anyway, as you can see, bright and rather moisturizing! I also love how much gloss the wand holds. 
The last item is one more blush. This one is called Pink Rose (#120)
Still some remnants of the smeared lip gloss on. Wow I was so tired when I took these photos. Ah the dedication of a blogger. 
It's slightly pinker than Santa Rose, but has the same glow effect. 
Anyway, that's all! Overall I've had no real downsides to using Rimmel other than longevity, scent, and sometimes a slight drying effect. For a drugstore brand, they are pretty incredible. 



  1. Really dig that first blush you tried on. Very cool!

    1. thanks mary, you can borrow it any time.

  2. awesome review and pics! love the close-up pics, you have such great skin so keep it up! =)

    1. thank you! i try. i'm doing a skincare video sometime soon!


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