Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day Three in Coronado: La Jolla and a Delish Italian Meal

Suggested song to listen to as you read this post: Lucky by Kat Edmonson 
So Monday was basically my last day, at least in my mind, because when it gets to be the day of leaving I just get sad and end up packing and looking sadly out the window. Oh, I'm the only one that does this? Ok.
I woke up early in the morning and went out to a local coffee shop called Clayton's on Orange Avenue. They have a walk up "drive thru" window where you can order coffee and pastries to go. I got a decaf and tried one the doughnuts (not light, but homemade and very good), then took a walk to the beach. I blasted my ipod, looked out on the ocean waves (I seriously love the beach) and then walked along it.
All the Marines in training were running along the beach. I joined them, though walking, along the tide looking for seashells. I found a perfect sand dollar. And I mean perfect. I will post the photo on hear soon but I'm so excited it was totally intact!
[here is where I'll post the photo when I take it]
Later on we at at Miguel's once again, though our server was terrible. If you have a sever named Israel, be prepared to probably not get any refills or new bowls of chips!
Finally we convinced my mom to get out of bed. We travelled up to La Jolla, where I'd never been. It was gorgeous. We walked along the street and looked at cute shops and then walked down to look out on the ocean. We found an enclave that was FILLED with seals! It was so surreal.
 The road that connects the Island to the rest of California.
La Jolla's museum/ cultural society had the best storefront presentation.
HOW CRAZY IS THAT? My mom told me it was a protective measure that they huddle together like that, to keep their pray from attacking. They were barking so loudly. They were so funny, sliding around, waving. Bein' seals, I guess.
Moments I wish I had a tripod on this trip were frequent.
LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE COOLEST MOMENT EVER. My family had walked away and I was still taking photos of the seals and testing out the flash. Suddenly there was this fluttering near me. Was it a fairy? No. Was it a huge moth? I thought so for a little bit and almost had a heart attack but it was too big to be a moth, and flew in a different way. It turned out to be a hummingbird. Darned fast and near impossible to see (HP reference) it was like seeing a golden snitch but in bird form. I caught it on camera. Somehow. It was beautiful.
 I felt on a cloud. I had never captured something on camera as cool as this, I don't think.
Afterwards we ate at a restaurant called Piatti. It was amazingly good Italian food with exceptional service, interior design, and a beautiful back patio resting under a large tree with strung lights. It was near perfection as far as restaurants go. The lasagna was exceptional. I highly recommend. They use local ingredients, which always captures my heart. More information on their website here and I'll post photos of the food in a later post.
After it was dark and we finished dinner we returned to the hotel and went on a ghost hunt. I'll end the post here as I am content with its length, but this was a great last day in California. Beautiful, perfect weather.



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