Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday at the Del

Brunches at the Del are a thing. Apparently a big thing because the price is $80 for Sunday brunch, $100 during special occasions (like Easter brunch). We didn't mean to travel over Easter weekend, but it was fun nonetheless, and the brunch was quite the show. Everyone was in their sunday best. Even though the food was definitely over-hyped (and the price not exactly measuring up to what I expected), the setting was undeniably beautiful and the uber fresh heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella salad made up for it. Oh, and the amazing Jack Daniel's chocolate cake pudding they concocted. Mm... truly sinful.
I posted photos of the food on my Instagram post (here) but they didn't seem to like picture taking and it felt kind of lame to do anyway so... you'll just have to imagine. I will show pictures of the crown room, though, because it's awesome!
The Crown Room was built along with the hotel in 1888 and was the crowning glory (haha get it) of the architect James Reid. You can view it from outside (as seen above) but it's so much cooler inside.
Photo via Wizard of Baum (source)
Anyway, it was a very filling brunch. I ate as much as I could but oh... I felt so ill afterwards. My mom was still feeling sick (I think she's tired from packing/ organizing the house) but I had wanted to visit San Diego's old town which was supposed to be fun. I waited until everyone felt well enough to leave. The thought of doing anything did not sound fun for a while. 
Can we get rid of the term selfie, I hate it, but yes, gratuitous self photograph. 
 Why do we look like we're getting married in a weird way.
 Old town is restoring these absolutely marvelous Victorian homes. Only one is completed, and has been turned into a quaint tea shop. The others are under construction on the inside. Behind this circle of homes is a hill on which very modern, sleek houses sit. It all overlooks the San Diego valley. Prettier valleys exist out there, but it's still fun to see the layout, the Coronado highway, and the ship docks.
 Somehow we mustered the strength to eat again. Old Town Mexican Cafe was the nearest choice and we were snagged by the "in house made fresh tortillas." While the shredded beef taco was very fatty and had like no meat (it looked like an iceberg lettuce taco) the bean burrito was... so good. The tortillas are worth it. If you do end up going, be sure to order both the corn and flour tortillas with butter. Mmmm.. hungry just thinking about it. At this point I never wanted to eat food again.
I'm obsessed with how the clouds look here. The vertical lines are the lights from the highway that connects Coronado to San Diego. The black blurs on the water are the ships that are docked there. 

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