Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brief Whisper of Adoration (Georgina Chapman)

OK, my weeks are still so busy I can hardly breathe but I briefly wanted to talk about someone I am kind of in love with and that is Georgina Chapman, one of the geniuses behind the Marchesa line. I love how she dresses and does her make-up, I think she looks so beautiful and sexy without even trying. She's British, which is always a plus, and started a band when she was 13, how cool is that? It's like she's not even trying and she's already won my heart over. She's married to Harvey Weinstein (a bit of a question mark in my mind to be honest), and is a gorgeous mom.
Via NYMag
Via Ruby Mines
Via Zimbio
Some people seem to think her clothes have too much trim/ look like ice skating costumes? But I think they just are kind of baroque/ etruscan inspired and those people can step off because really what have you done lately.


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