Thursday, March 21, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté's Melange de Colour Fashion + Bonus Pictures

So, I've had this for over a week and debated writing this because it's a blog about quality and to me, that applies to every aspect of a company. Here are the things that I find important:

- Packaging 
- Customer Service (very far up there)
- Longevity of the product
- Quality of the product
- Scent (cheap? none at all? nice?)
- Color pigmentation (for make-up and clothing alike)
- Originality
- Clear look/ message/ idea
- Where it's made (I don't want to pay $400 for sunglasses made in China, sorry)

So, I'm completely split between this product. I was so excited when I received it because, duh, I'd been waiting forever and thought I would never be able to get my hands on it (the shipments were very limited and I've never experienced such a limited limited edition but there you go). 

The box was glossy, bright, weighty (I like that), and... slightly scratched. I think it's because the box was just so shiny, but any and all rubbing against surfaces could be seen. Oh, also, the lid broke off and some of the shadows were not set in their pan.... yikes, I feel like I'm betraying the company by saying this but *whining* I'm super into telling the truth and being honest so I guess that's what I have to do. Keep in mind there was a huge demand for this product and I'm sure they were making them really quickly and I'm sure most of their products do not come like this. I'm not trying to defend what I got, but there you are. OK maybe I am, I just hate saying bad things. But there's a good ending to this story! 

I know what you guys are thinking... does she do anything else other than nude/champagne/light brown eyeshadows? I asked myself the same question when I realized, yet again, I had done a freaking nude eye. Guys, I'm sorry and I'm going to do a more fun color combination next time. I don't know what my problem is, I'm just addicted. Also, I don't like doing dramatic eye makeup for the day time. Flashbacks to when I was 15 and angry at the world, you know what I'm saying? 

I contacted customer service to ask if there was another empty palette or something I could transfer these colors into or something, because I was worried about damaging the colors if I had a palette with a lid that would come off every time I opened it. Luckily, the clasp in the front keeps it shut, it just doesn't hold up the mirror on its own, it falls flat. 
I talked with a woman named Kim from PR or client services or something, and she's working with me to resolve this. They answered really quickly and gave me lots of options and made me feel really comfortable. A really great customer service experience unlike some other places I've been to *coughSprintcough*
So, while there were some downsides to this limited edition palette, the colors are just too beautiful. It has every color I think I could ever need in shimmery shades, they aren't scented, they go on so beautifully... really, they are so rich and silky and you don't need to put on multiple layers. I can forgive them their faults because the product is that good and since they are a new-ish company, I know they'll keep working on quality control and making a good, sturdy product. 

In other news, its totally full fledged spring here in Texas. This is the tree outside my window:
It's been sunny almost every day for two weeks but today and yesterday it was overcast. The trees are finally coming back to life, sprouting leaves, and it's not too hot still, which is great. Let's keep it that way, Dallas. 
I also have a social life sometimes, I want to prove that to you guys. I'm not just packing, packing, studying, and packing. Sometimes I go out and see people. OK maybe this outing was like three weeks ago whatever.
On the left is Katie-Beth (or Katharine as she is now called, but I knew here as KB from 5-12th grade so, sorry KB, that's who you are to me!) and on the right is one of my best friends, Caroline, who is just too fashionable sometimes. And I'm in the middle. 
Hope everyone is doing well and that spring is coming your way soon!


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