Sunday, March 17, 2013

Skipping Spring and Straight Into Summer

Because I've been living in Texas since I was, like, four, I have become very acclimated to the fact that I hardly ever feel a "true" spring. I'm sure other countries and states experience this to some degree, but it's really common in Texas. You get a mini-winter that lasts about a month, maybe two, and then you have what I suppose is "spring weather" for a few weeks, and then it's summertime. I'm not joking, and I wish I were.
Basically, I'm boxing up all my winter coats, jackets, gloves, hats, and sweatshirts (useless, anyway as I am no long going to college in the mountains) and pulling out all those sundresses, skirts, and tank-tops as I prepare for what is a rapidly approaching summer. Yesterday it was in the 80's (26 to foreigners), and it will be in the seventies all week. Warm weather is definitely coming my way.
 I had the treat of having my little sister over for spring break (and as she has become obsessed with tanning beds allow me to insert this really goofy photo of us together)
We went to the mall together with my younger brother Zach and they decided to pop into Urban Outfitters. I don't usually go there anymore because as everyone who knows me on this blog knows, I'm pretty weird about quality and customer service and expecting things of people, so I know that the prices are quite high for what I find to be pretty cheap quality stuff (albeit cute!) 
However, I found a few items I thought were just too cute and since I had become consumed with summertime vibes (and since I'd been planning my roadtrip to Las Vegas a lot) I decided to indulge in a few purchases. The obsession with sunglasses continues...
Heart Shaped Sunglasses ($16) and Coconut Scented Lip Gloss ($6
I bought the book Lolita a few months ago and can't seem to find it anymore (classic me) but when I do find it again, I'm going to read the heck out if it. In the meantime, I'll settle for the notorious Lolita heart shaped sunglasses. Yes, they are inexpensive and do feel like they'll break if I'm not careful with them, but imagine how fun they'll be when I'm roadtripping through the Arizona deserts with one of my best friends... perfect!
I didn't see the other color flowers in the store (apparently they also have some beautiful blue and yellow flower lip glosses) but I thought this was just too cute to pass up. The flowers are so cute and tiny, I just feel so happy using it. I got the coconut scent but they also had mango and strawberry. As for the quality of the lip gloss, it's definitely whatever but it makes your lips shiny for a while and it's a very fun little bottle to have around. Makes me feel happy, florally, and summery already! 


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