Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Week in Seoul...

And I can't share any pictures with you yet because my apartment doesn't have wifi right now and I need to buy a wireless router! Go to my instagram page if you want to see some immediately.

The 48 hours before I left for Seoul and the 48 hours after I arrived in Seoul were some of the hardest days of my life and that is no lie I don't want to tiptoe around it and try to help myself forget it. It was so hard. I began to seriously question my sanity slash my decision to come here. I kept thinking about saying goodbye to family, how long a year was, and realizing I knew hardly anything about the city or the language. I was seriously on edge. SO MANY tears were shed those days. And then arriving, it was so overwhelming and I was so tired (emotionally and physically) from the trip that I just couldn't deal. The city felt dirty and people stare at me so much and the neighborhood was old. The first place I stayed (this is my first night in my new apartment) was right off of the river and while so so lovely a location, was older and had so many mosquitos. So the week I slept there, I truly slept horribly. Also in the first 48 hours I was here (I keep saying the first 48 in my head like the TV show does it) I got lost and walked the entire day and cried alone in the street twice, AND almost got locked out of my apartment for an entire night. Also, woke up to a cockroach crawling on the wall. Lezbereal it was really hard.

So to break it up easily, I'll quickly run through good thing bad thing and go to bed to prep for my first real day of work aka I'm going to freak out tomorrow morning.

- I have grown to really quickly LOVE my neighborhood. I get to live right by this gorgeous river with trees on either side and my new place is a 3 minute walk to a really lively and fun shopping area.
- I love my ward (local church) and actually know one of the missionaries in it from home! Not everyone speaks English but everyone tries and I need to learn Korean asap.
- I'm slowly exploring Korean restaurants and venturing into eating alone 
- I've gotten to meet up with friends and make some new ones from work
- The city has really gorgeous mountains and scenery
- I have so many places to walk and explore
- Cafes here = amazing 

- Kids bring up my weight almost every day. "Teacher why are you fat?" "Do you like to eat food?" "Why is your stomach so big?" things like this. That has been really difficult mentally and makes me really anxious every day.
- Some drama has already gone down between co-workers and inadvertently myself. So Monday will be awkward.
- Also some co-workers are just straight up jerks? So that's a bummer and really just like ugh why can't people not be self-righteous/ douchey 
- I teach some really difficult children
- Everyone from the school who I'm friends with is leaving soon. 
- My feet are SO blistered and sore 
- Homesick
- No chipotle

Well I'm going to bed. But irl I'm totally not eating enough food. I walk way too much and eat way too little. You might wonder why this matters, if I'm overweight this will help, but when I say I'm not eating enough I mean 4 real it's bad. I need to work on having real breakfast and dinner. Not nothing and ramen. Also, I really really need cream of wheat and oatmeal, what was I thinking.

Miss you all, comment if you have questions. Photos soon! So many good ones. 

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