Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quick Trip to Austin & College Station

Seeing as I only have one month left until I leave (which btw is rapidly closing in, I don't know if you know this or not but holy cow I leave in about 30 days!) I've been visiting friends to say goodbyes. My friend Antoinette was doing part of her medical residency in Austin so I visited her and her friend Heather there for a day before we visited our other friend Caroline in College Station for a day.
I need a higher quality camera people 
Some day my eyes will be less squinty. Also, not sure why it looks like I photoshopped these because I definitely did not.
At our brunch place, Franks. Very good! Recommend if you're in Austin.
 Got to go on a morning walk with Anto in the neighborhood she stayed in while Heather went running as she trains for the Chicago Marathon (go Heather!) Austin is prettier than Dallas, I won't even argue that. I also find the architecture to be very exciting. Overall I really loved my time in Austin, I like the city even though I feel like I never get to explore it properly. The food was good, the nightlife is alive there (too alive really), lots to do and see.
Getting to understand those Japanese photo apps as much as possible before my trip

College Station was fun. I went to my first (and let's be real) and only tailgate. It was... OK but mostly just people drinking beer around a picnic table. Not really my scene! Probably would be more exciting if I liked or went to A&M, but as is, it was a good experience. Antoinette, Heather, and I burned out pretty fast and got bored with it all, so we ate tacos and burritos at a local place and then headed back to Caroline's apartment (after a HORRIFIC taxi ride) where we watched Hocus Pocus and wrote an angry e-mail to the taxi company. Really, we had to take a cab because we walked all the way to the tailgate and didn't want to walk the couple miles home but charging 20-40 dollars to go 1 or 2 miles is INSANE. 

Next day drove back to Austin to drop people off and went home to visit with Margaret for her last couple of days in Texas. Now she and her dog Roschti are gone and it all makes me very sad. 

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