Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dominos in Korea

As I begin trying to pump myself up for this insane move that I am actually going through with in real life, I keep researching different aspects of Korean culture so as to lessen the culture shock. I usually find this works quite well, so much so that sometimes people are confused about why I know so much. I'm just a researcher at heart, what can I say, facts are interesting.

Moving on, I found the Dominos Pizza Korea website and let me just say, finding a plain cheese pizza is 1) impossible 2) what they have listed as cheese somehow includes chicken and barbecue sauce 3) why are they always lying about what is in their food (I ordered veggie gimpap and it had crab in it?) 4) why is everything so supreme?

Here are some of the toppings you can choose from. I don't know what angel snow cheese is and what are double crust bloomings? Maybe I just won't have dominos for a year, then -.-
Though you can order online and that's always a plus.

Bonus: when you have their website open on your computer, this is what the tab reads


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