Friday, June 7, 2013

Update on the Self-Tanning!

OK last I think everyone saw, I was going to try out a self-tanner. Bear in mind I've never done this before and it's actually a terrifying prospect for a redhead.

One week ago I tried it out and it was super splotchy, but I think that was my fault because I didn't really blend it well.

Last night I tried it again for the trip and basically thought to myself, "if this is bad again, I think I'll have to return these products because that last experience sucked." Well, I woke up this morning to find that I wasn't even that tan! My body is kind of tanner, but my face looks pretty light. I'm kind of disappointed in Clarins. I spent a good chunk of money on these products and the reviews all touted the perfect summer glow but it seems like a lot of hassle for three days, and isn't seamless enough for me. I doubt I'll ever do it again.

Sorry for the lack of photo updates, I'm kind of without a high quality camera right now. But plenty of vacation photos coming up! I'm flying out to Vegas this afternoon so get ready for some wild photos. The makeup will be out of control!

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