Friday, May 31, 2013

Self Tanning + New Phone

Hey guys, I finally got to update my phone and am now totally loving the iPhone 5. The photography apps are probably my favorite part, I've been playing around with the stateframe one and it's such a blast.

I'm going to Hawaii in two weeks so I've been looking through old photos and getting really excited. And living in Texas, chick-fil-a + a big flat field is about as Texan as I can imagine. 

Now onto that self tanning... some of you may know that I'm going to Las Vegas next Friday (eep!) I've been worried about it so much because I'm not a size 2, even though I'd love to be and am working my butt off to lose weight, I still have quite a few medical disorders that make weight loss very difficult. I'm working on it, though! Its not an overnight process however, and the fact is, I'm still so intimidated to be seen by the pool and in night clubs in the shape that I am.
So, in order to try to make myself feel better about the whole situation, I purchased a Clarins face tanner as well as a Clarins body tanner (I figured it was best to stay within the same company).
I applied it tonight so there will be before and after pictures tomorrow!
I also went kind of overboard buying things for Vegas. I always romanticize trips, this is no exception, and now I have so many outfits and make up products and crazy looks that will be happening next week. So get excited for those, haha. How is everyone doing? I haven't logged into bloglovin' in so long, I'm off to do that now. Hope everyone has a great night!


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