Friday, June 14, 2013

Las Vegas Recap

Is this blog still active? Yes, it is! I'm so sorry to disappoint anyone that's been checking, I know I normally post more than this I've just been working out a few kinks.
Packing and shopping for Las Vegas was surprisingly stressful because for some reason I thought everyone was going to be judging me. Turns out, everyone was drunk and no one even noticed if I looked nice or not!

 Delicious spaghetti from Lavo's, the new nightclub/ restaurant in the Venetian. Didn't attend the club, but the meatball spaghetti was delicious! (I'd say $$$ out of $$$$)
 This is me and Antoinette with the bartender/ hostess/ owner of The Laundry Room, a speakeasy. Wonderful history and experience there. If you can manage to find out how to get a reservation, I would highly recommend going here next time you're in vegas! (no photos, phones, or guidos allowed.)
From our plane! I still hold a soft spot for Arizona because of my childhood. This made me feel really nostalgic.
 So, the self tanner worked for me a little bit. But it had no holding power AT all. I had to return it to Nordstrom's even though I felt horrible doing it, I just couldn't justify spending that much money for a product that couldn't last overnight. Not my favorite, sorry for anyone who is a die hard fan of it! (This is Annie, Antoinette, me, and Caroline prior to our first night out)
 Caroline at dinner.
The view from the Mandarin Bar, highly recommend for wonderful views of Las Vegas. 
 Everyone is talking about this nightclub Hakasan. But let me tell you, myself and so many others had a horrible experience. They treat their clientele like trash because they're popular at the moment. There is no where to sit, and for standing in line for 3.5 hours (they won't let you sit in line either) you can bet every girl in line was too tired to party. Calvin Harris was awesome but every other aspect of that place was horrible. I'll do a yelp review, you can get the details there. 
 The ladies

 Caroline trying to find her lost friend.

I'm leaving for Maui tomorrow, there will be so much to talk about there and so so so many photos. Can't wait, hope everyone is having a great week, get pumped for the weekend!


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