Thursday, April 18, 2013

Skincare: Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Light

Since I took accutane almost a year ago now, I've had to adjust what I do to take care of my skin. Beforehand, it would have lots of breakouts, and I was always trying out thick creams, light creams, face wash in the form of a pump, milky substance, or gel. Now, even the most wonderful face washes can make my skin break out. The only thing that it's responding well to is the Bioderma Microcellular water and, on occasion, a few other natural face washes.
I've been feeling very guilty about my lack of moisurizing. I used to moisturize all the time but now it seems everything has made me break out, even the light stuff. What to do? Well, the other day I was in the store and saw this
I don't own any products by Shiseido, though I know it's based out of Japan and owns Cle de Peau. It's a company I've wanted to try the skincare products of for quite sometime, and this seemed like a good time. This could, after all, be the answer to my moisturizing prayers.
The box says it is a 'nighttime revitalizer that counteracts signs of daytime damage and delivers intensive hydrating benefits to skin while you sleep." Thereby restoring "softness, smoothness, and a healthy-looking glow." It's recommended for normal to oily skin.
It's a very light consistency and spreads far, so one small pump is all you need. It's a little milky in texture and apparance. Overnight, it made almost all the red spots that had been bothering me for days disappear. My skin feels so smooth now, I'm in love.
Even though it was daytime I had candles going because it's been rainy out and it just feels cozy, so I took my photos by candlelight.
I will definitely be purchasing more Shiseido products in the future. I've already got two in mind that I want to get before summer vacations get in full swing. Can't wait! Hope everyone's April is going splendidly.
Available at Nordstrom's for $42.50 


  1. I use Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil to moisturize and have not broken out my sensitive skin. I'm curious to try Shiseido too so thanks for this post!

    By the way, Congratulations! You are a winner of The Liebster Award!!!!
    Pls. come see my Liebster Award post to see what it entails.

    1. I've seen that before but wasn't sure about it. I'll check in on that and see if I can grab a sample and how it reacts with my skin! Thanks for the tip.


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