Friday, March 8, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake

I got two new lipsticks, another Rimmel Kate Moss Matte one (because I'm really impressed by them) and a new product for me, Revlon, which I've never purchased. Ever.
I chose #055, Cupcake, because for some inexplicable reason I'm always drawn to pink lipstick and glosses... I really need to get over this, someone help me. Anyway, I went heavy on the bronzer because to me this is a lipstick that is summery. It would look great on people with a tan or going out for the night after a day in the sun. It's kind of faded in the above photo but it looks almost like that pink Nicki Minaj shade for MAC but more sheer. Very bright looking. 
No scent, which I appreciated, but rather cheap packaging. Points away for that, the plastic see through bit at the top fell through within one minute of me buying it. You can put it back in place, but it's annoying and cheap nonetheless. Rather moisturizing, actually, but not as much as some others I've worn. Overall, pretty nice, I'd buy again as something for a roadtrip where I can throw it in my purse and not get worried if it's scratched or lost. 
I wouldn't say I was impressed by these, but they are better than I expected. I purchased it for about $8 and needed to apply about two or three coats in order for the color to really appear. So...
Relatively cheap
Rather bright, sheer colors
Cheap packaging
A little doesn't really go a long way
Fades quickly


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