Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Bragging Rights & Competition

So if any of you are obsessed with high quality / luxe make-up and have been stalking fashion week like it's their job (and for many it is...) you would know about the very limited edition colour palette for Spring 2013 that Le Métier de Beauté released. It's called Mélange de Coulour, and it has 18 amazing eyeshadow shades. I mean, gorgeous. The collection is inspired by the Fashion Weeks of the past and colors one cannot live without. One of my favorite beauty reviewer and super-up-to-date bloggers, Charleston Girl at Best Things in Beauty, swatched and gave a detailed explanation of the colors, product, and packaging. You can read it here.

Anyway, it was released in February for, I swear, like a week. Maybe 1.5 but it disappeared from the internet. I couldn't find it anywhere! I finally contacted the company to ask about it and they gave me the number of Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills where there may or may not have been a few left.
I called. I left a message.
There was a waiting list. 

I was so frustrated, I just wanted the beautiful palette which was full of so many colors I wanted and didn't have. Well, thankfully I got a call back and someone had returned the item, and I got to buy it. I'm so excited to get it, I will obviously be doing some serious reviews of it, seeing if it was worth the hype, and what I think of the quality.

Kim Perry at Le Métier's company in New York also informed me of a few new and exciting things, including a competition they were having. You can read about it at Elle. They are giving away a truly amazing prize-- A beautiful Italian leather trunk full of make-up (priced altogether at $1,700) in celebration of the opening of their new e-commerce store. 
Photo courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté

Isn't it gorgeous? Honestly the trunk alone has me. It looks so beautiful and I would get such wonderful use out of it. I'm sharing because, even though I'd be so jealous if a reader won, it's just too cool not to mention! You are entered to win by signing up on their website to receive a newsletter.

It's also interesting because their online shop is different than most. Instead of just buying one product and getting a smaller sample of another item, they pair your purchase with a pre-chosen, full sized item that would complement your choice. The website is here and is a really unique and generous way to allow customers to explore their products.  

Courtesy of Le Métier de Beauté

Here are a few looks that their head make-up artist created. Even if you don't have the palette or can't afford high end make-up, these color combinations are great for inspiration! 

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