Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's a Good Feeling: Growing your Hair Back out

As some of you may know, in January I got my hair cut (with a new bang addition) *yay* *groan.*
Don't get me wrong, I like the new challenge. They (the bangs) have been surprisingly well received, by men in particular, and they do totally change your look. But they remain a challenge nonetheless, and one that I'm not keen to keep up with. 

Unlike many beauty bloggers, as hard as I try, I just am not dedicated to styling my hair. I want to be. The desire is totally there. I wish I could do fishtail, french braid, cool up-dos, big lana waves, rocker whatever-other-hair-styles-you-can-think-of tutorials but alas... I cannot. Hair is just not my forte. I don't mind the way my hair looks when it dries naturally. 
I also really like that kind of swept away, windy look. Like you've hiked a big Scottish hill or you've just come back from volleyball on the beach. Nature has played with your hair a little bit, infused it with some sun, sand, dirt, wind, and love. 

I like lots of other hair styles as well, but I just never seem to dedicate my time to them. Oh well, a personal goal for the near future.
still have to pin them back though. they're awful if i slept on them at a weird angle. they shoot, like, straight up and i look crazy.

Now my hair is finally growing out and I'm just beginning to understand it again. My fingers kept fumbling when putting up a bun-- "wait, the end of my hair is WHERE? Ugh, re-do" and my ponytails.... let's just not talk about it. The point is, I finally get my hair again and that makes me happy. Bangs are growing fast, sorry to say to the few that liked the, so soon they will become side swept and then obsolete.

I live in Texas y'all. Humidity, heat, and bangs just do not mix. 



  1. This reminds me I totally need to schedule an appointment to get my rihanna hair done. Why is haircutting so expensive?

    1. idk why but it (usually) feels so great afterwards just do it!


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