Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend in College Station

My friend Caroline has made it into a final round of interviews for a program in College Station, and my other friend Antoinette lives there so we decided to make a weekend of it! We headed down Friday and came back up on Sunday. The drive isn't too long, but it's a lot of country (and I mean couuunnttryyy). It was a lot of studying and relaxing while Caroline was gone most of the day, but Saturday night when she was done with the entire process we just danced around a little bit and had some fun.
Most uncomfortable smile in the world goes to me.
I've known both of these girls since I was 12.
The best thing about having really great old friends is that you are so used to them-- you've been through all the dumb fights, the jealousy, the crazy trips, dances, etc. and now you just have potential for so many fun memories ahead. That, and you can wear fairy wings and dance around and be stupid and know that no one is going to make fun of you or not get why you are a certain way.
We danced around a lot and then went out to go dancing (but that got too crowded too fast, so we got breakfast around midnight and went back to the apartment). It was fun to not worry about anything all weekend. I forgot about all the responsibilities I had and just got to be completely lazy all weekend. And it's been such a long time since I was truly worry free.
*bonus* cell phone pictures
 ok, but this ACTUALLY looks like a krabby patty
Driving back into downtown Dallas. 

Did anyone else have a fun weekend!?


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