Monday, February 25, 2013

Simple Make-Up from the Other Day

Ah, I've been really off my blogging game lately mostly because I have been sleeping so poorly and kind of suffering from writers block a little bit. Do you ever just get slightly disenchanted with the things you love? I guess that's happening to me right now. Too many shallow people thinking they are the bees knees. Oh well. I'll snap back eventually!
Did this make-up a few days ago after (stupidly) purchasing the Dior Nude Highlighter (which I LOVE, it was just very expensive and I need to be saving my money right now!)
 Bobbi Brown Bellini Lipgloss
 My favorite Faux Cils YSL mascara + Clinique bottom lash, Naked Lunch eyeshadow as well as Sin and Virgin Eyeshadows from Naked Palette. NARS black eyeliner on the top and bottom lid.
I think the highlighter gives a bit of that glow I was missing and craving. I'm SO excited for this coming week because I've gotten so many products that I get to review and write about as well as a haul. Yay!

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