Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey

So, Clinique has a lipstick they call their "Almost Lipstick" which is meant to be universally flattering. That is to say, anyone could pick it up, swipe it on, and look good in it! I tried it on in store and liked the texture... kind of moisturizing, feeling like a balm but not necessarily a chapstick.
 I'm not saying this is holy or anything by having Mary and Jesus in the background, but I do love the print that is hung in my room and it served for a nice alternative background!
It looks very dark in real life and you think that it will go on the same way, but it doesn't. The color reminds me of raspberry jam or something, not very dark or pigmented at all, but sheer like, smooth, and capable of being used for every day.

I like it a lot, though I'm annoyed by the little bits of color left on my lips.
As you can see here, there are little "pulp like" bits of color that kind of stray unless you blend them in. Hopefully this will go away with more use, I'll keep you updated on this! They are easily blendable though, so if you don't mind smoothing in your lipstick or almost lipstick, then this should be no problem to you. The color is nice, slightly darker, I'm sure, than your original lip color but the absolute perfect thing for when you're in a rush and need it to look like you're more put together! It doesn't really leave any residue behind when you're drinking and stuff, except for a little bit of a ring, similar to one you would expect chapstick to leave on a glass. I really like it, it's fairly moisturizing, and good for every day lipstick and/ or a look of "trying but not trying too hard"

You can buy the almost lipstick from a bunch of places including Sephora and Nordstrom. From what I can understand, this "universal" shade also comes in multiple formats including blushes, creams, and lipsticks.

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