Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scientific Method: Tarte Foundation

So I went to go buy NARS Sheerglow Foundation the other day, and got distracted (as usual) looking around, and tried out some foundations. I was very frustrated because NARS didn't make me glow at all... it's definitely sheer, but I couldn't understand where the glow factor came in. So I tried out the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation.
Formulate a Question: Will this product successfully prove to be high quality insomuch that I can use it on a regular basis and maintain an even and beautiful complexion?
Hypothesis: The foundation will be of high quality.
Prediction: Due to the price ($38) and reviews of the product, it will prove to be of high quality and meet up to my expectations. 

Results: Alright, let me be completely honest. This is a blog where I try to find things that are of high quality. This applies to literature, films, purses, quotes, lifestyle, and of course beauty. I liked how this looked on in Sephora. I do not like how it looks on now that I'm home. Maybe I'm just not a foundation person after all. I really, really wanted to love and use foundation. But I'm not sure I'll be using it all that much, really, unless I find something absolutely amazing and life changing. 
The packaging is decent enough. It has dark earthy tones and a wooden twist off cap, so it reminds you of the forest (or, perhaps, the amazon?) The foundation itself does feel very rich and heavy, almost like a very refined clay before it's been fired. 
On my skin: But I feel like it dries kind of... thick and cakey. It's oil-free (great for people with oily skin but I don't have that) and waterproof, but those things don't really matter to me if I feel like the foundation highlights my blemishes. I also think the color is just a little bit off. It's like it dried in a kind of yellowish way, even though I got the pinker of the light light light foundations. ALSO: it is totalllllllyyyy not full coverage. Don't think for one second it is. Maybe if you put on  a few layers but... I found it to be sheer. 
Price: It's not the most expensive foundation I've ever come upon, but it's certainly not cheap. I'm sure it will last a while (though honestly, I did have to use a lot to spread it out over my entire face, so a little does not go a long way). 
Texture: I really liked how the foundation felt on my skin. It felt so soft. I had my mom feel both sides of my face, one with NARS Sheerglow, and one with this, and she said the side with the Tarte foundation was softer.
Irritation: No redness or anything like that, my skin hasn't become irritated per se but I have been breaking out more, as you can see on my forehead in the picture. 

The bottom line is-- the prediction was incorrect. I read a lot of reviews and it seemed like a good product, but I can't stand how it is setting on my skin. It's frustrating because I loved how my skin felt with the product on, but it's simply not a good match for me. I felt like my skin was dull with the foundation on. That being said, I've seen others use it with great results especially those who have oily skin so maybe you should give this a try if you do. I think this product is of medium quality. It wasn't full coverage, enhanced my blemishes and forehead wrinkles, and dulled my skin, though it was soft, a good texture and smell, and had nice packaging. 

UPDATE: When I finished writing this I walked by a mirror and looked at my face. From about 2 feet away, my skin looks fine. It's upon close inspection that I see the foundation setting in my fine wrinkles and being powdery/ cakey. I felt like I was a bit harsh on the product... no, it didn't work for me, but I know this will work well for others, especially if you have oily skin. I also forgot to mention that it has SPF in it, so it can work as a mild sunscreen as well. (No, Tarte did not pay me to say this) 

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