Thursday, February 21, 2013


There are so many things that I want (and probably don't need, let's be honest), and it's fun to dream, right? I thought I'd share some of the items I've been craving and longing for the most as of late.
My mom thinks I'm crazy the way I pick a product out. I look at something and instantly see myself using it in a very elaborate scenario. Let me give you an example: I see a purse that I really love. It's texturized leather, high quality, thick stitching, it fits into the crook of my arm perfectly. The inside has a beautiful rich material. I see myself walking along the streets of the Amalfi coast wearing a striped box cut shirt, skinny tan slacks that hit me above my ankle, espadrilles, and a pair of black cat eye sunglasses whilst eating some gelato with my tanned Italian boyfriend. The bag is casually dangling off my arm like a charm, nonchalant, breathless, but not flashy.
That is why I buy something. I buy it because it will last a long time, and will continue to be beautiful the older it gets. That is why I shop for quality and do not settle for anything that isn't the best. And if it isn't, I get rid of it.
 I've been wanting these Dior Cat's Eye sunglasses for over a year now. I love them in brown... warm enough for summertime. The kind of shape where you could wear them by the pool, at lunch with friends outside, riding around in a car. So wonderful, so expensive. Ah. (Picture from Nordstrom's website)
 I've heard nothing but good things about Tom Ford's lipsticks. They look so beautiful and fresh. The container feels heavy (my favorite thing about cosmetics is if the packaging feels heavy because that usually indicates that it's more expensive, they've taken time on their design, it's durable, and it just feels rich) and they are so luxurious. They run about $48 and I do not own a single one! But I will... someday. (Also found at Nordstrom's website)
 Ahhhh. The Tod's Driving Shoe. A classic. So beautiful in shape and material, made in Italy (one of my favorite things to see on a label), in suede and leather. Perfect for driving around the countryside, but also fashionable as you run your daily errands. Wanted these shoes for years. (Picture from Tod's)
 I know this seems to be a swing in a different direction. Usually I feel like I buy clothes that are rather classic in design, but everyone needs some fun in their wardrobe and that's where Widlfox comes in. I love this shirt because yeah, I straight up hate mondays so much. It's like a shirt that says, "don't talk to me." Just what I need for monday mornings with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a Starbucks/ Coffee Bean in hand. (from Wildfox's website)
 Do I even need to explain my desire for this bag? I'm obsessed. Genuinely. For so long now. This bag just seems like the perfect every day bag. I love the grey color that's softened with a little brown. I love the shape, the two zippers, everything. I jut think it's so classy and beautiful and I love Prada and the fact that they make all their items in their home country (link) (still wishing Burberry hadn't outsourced) 
 I love this Dior blush. I haven't purchased it yet, but I obviously will have to because it looks so gorgeous on everyone I see. It's so girly and fresh and soft, I try it on every time I walk through Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom's. (Picture from Nordstrom's website)
 Another Wildfox item! This could be any of their destressed sweaters, I also like the ones with writing and the one with the stag on it. They just feel so soft and perfect for lazy days and lounging. Ah. I also love their beach wear, its just so fun and young. (from Wildfox's website)
Initially I wanted the Cle de Peau new bronzing illuminator, but upon further investigation, I fell in love with this older color instead. As a redhead it just looked gorgeous and ethereal on. I can't afford it in it's beautiful, solid packaging, but someday I'll get around to buying it... or having someone buy it for me?? So lovely, durable, and such high quality. (photo from Nordstrom's website

So there you go. A few of the things I've just been dying for lately. I've got a few items on their way and then I'm going to do a haul! Plus, a few make-up things I have planned. 


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