Friday, February 22, 2013

Quality Quote of the Day

I don't want to just post about beauty and fashion, I also want to post about high quality lifestyle, and that includes books and traveling and all those other bits that make up our lives. 

Since I'm so tired today and it's really been just rubbish and bad, I decided to share a quote instead. You may have read this all over tumblr before, but I don't care. I have so many quotes that I just adore and love but I've been thinking about this one a lot lately because I can think of a lot of people that are aren't even drizzle, they're just sprinkling. The quote is from Looking for Alaska, a great book as long as it hasn't been ruined for you and/ or you aren't biased towards "teen" books.

And yes, that is me in the photo, all of this is my edit and everything

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