Monday, February 18, 2013

Favorites from the London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2013

First off, after flipping through so many of the videos and pictures from both the New York and London fashion weeks (though I know I wrote nothing about the NY one, oh well) I can't believe how prevalent the 60's theme is. I knew that Bardot-esque makeup and fashion had gotten big, but wow, 60's mod and shift dresses and color blocking and shining fabrics all make a big entrance. House of Holland and Huishan Zhang (video here) were to prominent examples to me. Marios Schwab was interesting to me simply because some of his clothes seemed so medieval inspired, the way they were cut and the material used.
I watched the Burberry Prorsum online and freaked out about the little intro they had. Basically it talked about new made-to-order pieces with a beautiful little name plate with your name carved onto it. Some of their new trenches are so stunning. One is made of leather with a thin layer of lace put on top in beautiful colors, another takes a page out of the corset handbook. Really beautiful pieces. The BEST part about Prorsum to me is that those pieces are made in Italy. I become really disappointed when I found out a company has shifted to other countries to make their products. I think it's a sign of decline, honestly, to make it more cost effective yet charge the consumer more for a poorly made product. Oftentimes the craftsmanship isn't what it used to be, the materials are more imperfect, and it just doesn't have that "finish" on it that you expected. Anyway, I'm rambling, but yes, I thought that was just so interesting and exciting.
The Mulberry show seemed so quintessentially British with the use of fabrics, the large and open trenches, the bags, and the dogs on the runway. You can see some examples here. Lots of wool, plaid, cropped pants.
The last one I'm going to comment on (from being so overwhelmed by all the designers and videos I still need to watch) is Unique from Top Shop. They had a lot of similar trends I noticed in other shows-- shorter skater skirts with large coats going to the knee on top, cropped pants paired with blouses and pea coats, longer a line skirts with blouses tucked in, etc. The Telegraph collected the photos on their webiste, I think it's worth taking a look.

I know there are a lot more trends that came out of London Fashion week so far but those were the ones I feel like I was kind of hit over the head with so to speak. I'm excited to see what else the other designers will produce. It's been fun to see what kind of items will be available come fall.... and will slowly trickle down to stores like Forever 21 in two or three years (you know how it goes).

Yes, a boring post with no photos but I was a bit scared to upload any that weren't mine. If I had gone, I bet you I would have taken some awesome photos. Oh well, maybe someday! Any other designers catch your eye?

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