Friday, April 1, 2016

Review: Posie K by Kylie Jenner

OK I know this is way overdue and everyone and their freaking dog has done a review for Kylie's lip kit but I must say. I was really intrigued seeing as everyone has been raving over it so much! I like the color and I like the longevity of it but I do have one complaint. OK maybe two. But hey, its Julia, master complainer.

The color swatches I see online and even the colors posted on Kylie's website herself look completely different to the product I received. You see, this is Posie K on Kylie's site.
 So I of course thought this was going to be a pretty pink! And posies look like this, for reference (because I didn't know):
I mean I thought she named the color after the flower, no? Anyway, so I get the product and it looks a lot darker than I thought it would be. I also got Dolce K but it seemed too brown I didn't even bother! So here's Posie K on me:

I wanted the color to be a brighter pink rather than this kind of dusty pink on me. And.... here's the color on someone else!
From Laura Lee's blog 
I do like the color and of course, as it's matte it's pretty drying. Like, if your lips are super hydrated beforehand it can look like you applied acrylic paint haha. I want to try Candy k or maybe even Koko K next.

Have you gotten a kylie product? What did you think?

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