Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coconut Oil for... Shaving?

Do you ever like... procrastinate shaving your legs as your life, room, job, romantic life, etc. falls apart around you? And then one day you're like, "I can't be productive until I shave my legs?" No? Maybe I'm the only person who does this.

Regardless of why you do or don't shave your legs, this morning I really had a bee in my bonnet regarding the subject. Lately I've 1) felt like my life is falling apart b/c my boyfriend lives over 6,000 miles away from me right now (and honestly sometimes I feel like I care more about it than him) 2) been ignoring my responsibilities 3) not be shaving regularly (but tbh why would it's been winter and i also just don't feel like i should all the time if i don't want to.

So today I thought to myself, "I'm not doing anything until my legs are soft and smooth."

I remember reading an article a while ago about coconut oil and I know everyone and their pet parakeet were using it for everything but I abstained. Late to the train, but I was intrigued about the shaving your legs part.

Guess what? Did it today... amazing. Like you use a good scoop of it, rub it all over, it isn't thick so your razor does not get clogged, and it moisturizes as you shave! Win win! And it shaves so close to the skin. I can't believe, still, how soft and smooth my legs are. 10/10 highly recommend.



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