Friday, August 29, 2014

So the Big News...


So it's offish guys, I signed a contract and took passport pictures and everything. Look at the double chin the lady at wolf camera gave me and look at my murderous eyes:
SO yeah, that happened. I'm sure after this whole thing in a year I'll look back and look completely different. I just have a feeling I'll be changing a lot when I'm there. 

Even though I'm not leaving for 52 days or something like that (honestly who's counting) I'm trying to document all the pre-trip stuff as well because I'm so nervous// excited and I know I'll want to look back and remember what I was thinking and expecting and things like that.

First things first (I'm the realest). First things first, I've signed to work in an area called Sungbuk-gu in Seoul. I won't put the name of the school I'm working for b/c I don't want to get in trouble or say something I don't mean one angered day, but hopefully they will take care of me! I will live next to a women's university in the Northeastern-ish part of Seoul. I had no idea how large Seoul was, I assumed it was like Paris where you could get from one important area to another one in about 30 minutes or so but NOPE. The areas I want to visit, the parks I've looked up online, and all the other cool areas of Seoul I want to explore are mostly one hour away by metro. Uhh, homie say what? 

Here are the things I'm worried about at the moment: 
#1 I don't speak this language at all except for a couple of phrases I learned from k-dramas. So I'm worried about the stress of trying to find basic groceries and also wary of the inability to have small talk with people. Language miscommunications just suck and I always feel like an idiot. 
#2 I really don't like seafood and from what I've read it's everywhere and even in soups, you'll just find little shrimps floating (?!) Not sure if this information is accurate but also I might have a shellfish allergy so I'm a lil' afraid
#3 I'm worried about people staring at me already (b/c of my eyes, hair and skin for one) but I feel like my weight and height will just draw negative attention/ comments from people. We will see if this is justified in about two months.
#4 Missing my family. I've lived at home for a little while now and am used to the creature comforts in this area, instant access to best friends, and the instant emotional access of my parents. Losing all of that will be hard.

Other than that, I'm pretty excited about a lot of things. I've been trying to listen to a lot of Korean songs and have watched a lot of Korean shows in an attempt to understand the culture better. There are bloggers like eat your kimchi who live in Seoul who I want to meet. There are also boarders from the high school I used to attend who are from Korea and are currently living in Seoul. I'm excited to reunite with them and go singing and shopping and eating and everything. I'm also really excited to teach cute little children. I know there will be devilish ones but I'm holding out for the cute ones I want to hold until the end of time.

Well that's about the end of this rant. I hope everyone is enjoying their night and get excited for more blogging guys. Who knows, maybe I'll start vlogging. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Oh wait, I'd need more memory on my computer to do that -.-

Here's a new k-pop video for your enjoyment. No idea what they are singing about and I don't necessarily like the video but they are a new band and I like this song.


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