Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lorde of the Land

You may have (probably have) heard the song Royals by newcomer Ella Yelich O'Conner aka Lorde.
If not, it's here.

I've read several quotes from this girl and she's just really awesome. Did you know she's 16 years old? 16!!! THAT'S AWESOME. Proof that you can do anything at any age if you work hard enough. She's a New Zealander (more proof that it's a perfect place??) and from this interview in Elle it seems she's pretty down-to-earth. I like that she's straightforward and is in creative control for her look and everything. Her voice is so good and her lyrics totally raw. You can listen to her upcoming album Pure Heroine here on VH1's website

I don't know about you but I'm a big lyric person. There is nothing better than listening to a song, hearing a lyric and all of a sudden your situation just becomes so crystalized it gives you butterflies and just is like an icicle to your heart it's so amazing. And even better, when the lyric isn't about love but about something really deep, ah, it's just so good. 

Which is why I like Lorde so much. Her music is just really straightforward. You can tell she thought about these words after a bad party and maybe a walk alone in the street, or when she was leaving a movie or whatever. The point is, the lyrics are awesome and I'm really excited for her album to come out, which, by the way, is September 30th.


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