Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Washington D.C. Summary (1)

If you've noticed my absence over the past few days, it's because I was in Washington D.C. celebrating with my family the fact that my father became a fellow in the American College of Radiology. We were all really proud of his hard work and this is a big accomplishment, so we of course all wanted to be there to celebrate it with him.
The trip was mostly full of eating burgers. This was not our intention but that's what it became. We ate at Shake Shack the first day (sadly, no photos of their delectable food), and BTS the second day. 
Their burgers and shakes are divine. If you visit DC anytime soon, give BTS a try! 
I'm sad I don't have more photos of McLean, Virginia. I have an aunt that lives there with her husband and it's such a gorgeous part of America. Even though it's populated, it feels slightly untouched. Perhaps its just that it's not overdone-- the trees are full and grow in their natural and wild method, creeks run throughout, and it feels sheltered, safe.
We also, of course, visited some monuments. Above is the Vietnam Memorial, and below is the Lincoln memorial. 
Overall, it was too brief a trip, and also a little overwhelming. I have four siblings and we aren't often all together with our parents, so its always very hectic, fun, and emotional. However, we will all see each other again in June when we got to Hawaii. For now, I'll be daydreaming of the trees. Not enough trees here in Dallas. Wherever I move in the upcoming year, I hope it has plenty of 'em.


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