Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Little Insta-Update

Because why not
1) When I asked my dad for money to go out for the night, because my paycheck was late. Two dollars, really??! 2) Heart shaped sunglasses 3) Zac Efron, no explanation necessary 4) I need to find an excuse to get some personalized glasses like this. These aren't mine, but my friends. What a party that must've been! 5) Some of the photographs inside The Common Table. 6) Katy Trail Ice House. The weather was perfect, we were waiting to meet up with friends who never showed. Eh, who needs 'em?
Anyone else have instagram? My username is juliakingsley.


  1. Loving those heart glasses. The two dollars thing made me laugh, what did you do with the two dollars? The hello Kitty is cute but can you see through them?


    1. Haha, my mom handed me more than that, but I thought it was so funny. I was like, "it's not 1920, I can't do much with that!" The Hello Kitty glasses aren't mine, but you can see through them, which I didn't expect. A fun idea for a party, huh?


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