Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is It Finally Sunny for You Yet? : Music

So I'm into very detailed playlists that attune to a certain emotion... like really sad, lonely songs for the shower or music when you want to cry from homesickness, or music to pump you up when you need to work out.
Now that it's finally getting sunny outside and really warm, I've been driving with the windows rolled down in the car. There are some days when you've got your Starbucks or Coffee Bean drink nestled in right next to you, when the sun is shining and everything seems alright with the world. You're just happy. You know the feeling? I hope so. Here are some songs I like to listen to when I feel that way. (Photo taken by me in Maui)
Give these songs a listen, I know you'll like at least some of them!!
Happy Sunday everyone.

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