Thursday, April 4, 2013

Continuation of Coronado Day One: Beach + Italian Food

After having lunch on Saturday we walked up and down Orange Avenue looking into little shops and scouting out places to visit again in the future. The weather was so perfect. How does California do it? It's warm yet cool at the same time. You could wear long sleeves and still be comfortable, or be in a sundress and still be comfortable. Truly an art.
Later on in the evening we went out to walk along the beach and take photos of the hotel at night. My dad and brother were being goofy, and I suppose I was, too.
 Bird blind date?
 A wedding had just taken place and I was basking in the glory
  I like how they are blurred out in this one.
My mom wasn't feeling well after lunch so she stayed in for the evening. My dad, brother, and I trekked to a local Italian restaurant that turned out to be unbelievably delicious. The owner was from Milan and found out I spoke Italian... woops. Only Italian staff were allowed to serve us after that. I had to break out mio Italianio although I could only remember piccolo and I was pretty embarrassed. Cattivo. But all was well and the food was just. Mamma mia.
 Homemade meatballs. Did I forget to take pictures of the food when it first got there? Yes, I was overwhelmed with the flavors. This was my spaghetti and meatballs. Though the meatballs left more to be desired, the pasta and sauce MORE than made up for it. Mm mm mm.
 Remnants of my dads choice-- pumpkin ravioli. Incredibly rich.
 The bread that night was imbeccable. They were playing with the recipe and I hope they keep this one. Seriously we ate two loaves.
 The cheesy remnants of my brother's gnocchi. He loved it, and he's a gnocchi fiend.
If you're ever in Coronado, visit Vigilucci's. You can read more about it here. The owner definitely knows his Italian food and owns several other restaurants. We loved our experience there. It was a very nice restaurant and a bit pricey (pasta dishes run in the 16-18 dollar range) but all worth it in the end. If you visit or have ever been, let me know!

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