Sunday, March 31, 2013

Packing for a Weekend Trip by the Ocean

This weekend I'm in Coronado, California at one of my favorite hotels, The Hotel Del Coronado. Lots of beautiful and exciting photos will be coming up in the next few days as well as restaurant reviews and more, but today I thought I would go over a topic I think a lot of people have difficulty with-- packing for a weekend!
There are a few things to consider before you start packing:
1. What time are you due in?
2. What is the temperature (is it cold at nights? partly cloudy? expecting rain?)
3. What activities do you plan on doing?
I knew the temperature would be cooler in the evenings and very pleasant in the day. Make sure to pack accordingly. I packed plenty of layers (light sweaters, dresses, skirts, jeans, sandals) that wouldn't take up much room in my suitcase and could be switched around. If it's hot in the day and not, you can bring dresses that double as beach dresses and casual lunch dresses.
When packing the suitcase, I roll my clothes up. It keeps them from being wrinkled and conserves space. Since my flight arrived at midnight, I was sure to pack toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash) and sleeping clothes towards the top so I could grab them as soon as I arrived.
My Cath Kidston toiletry bag zips down the middle and is clear so I can grab just what I need. You can buy it here for $26.00. Running shoes were towards the bottom because I know I wouldn't need those. Later on, I packed my sleeping shorts and shirt at the very top. I was glad when I finally got to the room at 1am!
Palettes are a girls best friend when it comes to vacation. Minimal space but maximum benefits. My gold toothbrush is great because I never get it confused with others! Since it's just a weekend trip, you don't need to pack too much make-up. An eyeshadow palette or two, a few lipsticks, a few blushes, mascara, and setting powder is about all you'll need! If you know you're lazy on vacation and never wear make-up, don't bring a lot, if any. It's a waste of beautiful space! If you do love wearing make-up, some of my favorite palettes are by Le Metier, the Naked Palette, and my MAC palette I built up myself.
One thing that is helpful is making a packing list. I bought a little notepad full of checklists for any area you might forget. You can find this exact one in lots of bookstores or online here, here,* or here. You can also find lots of helpful printable PDFs online such as this one here. These are a great idea if you know you always forget something. It also pulls the packing process together and helps you visualize your entire trip.
Speaking of forgetting things, I've found that there are certain items people are always forgetting.
Here are some of the most popular ones. Or at least, the ones I always find myself or others complaining about forgetting:
1. Hairbrush
2. Chargers/ batteries
3. Gum
4. Deoderant
5. Sunscreen
6. Toothbrush &/ or toothpaste
7. Sunglasses
8. Swimming suit
9. Nail clippers or nail files
10. Underwear/ bloomers/ knickers/ your favorite term for undergarments. THIS IS THE WORST ONE TO FORGET. Ugh. Terrible.
There is also the unfortunate complication of liquids, at least if you're flying on an airplane. Here's how I packed mine. I bought clear containers that are varying in sizes for different gels and liquids. The Fekkai Glossing Creme is great after hanging out near the ocean because it takes that frizzy hair and just makes it smell good and look more tame.
You know what your best friend is while traveling? Samples.
Those little viles of perfume you get with an order? Don't toss them. Take them with you on vacation. Same with those face creams and hand lotions that come in little pouches. Use them on the go, see if you like them, and if you do, write it down and buy the product at another time!
I hope you find these tips helpful. I know there are a lot of bad packers out there. I probably spend too much time packing, but I'm working on that.


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