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NYX Pretty in Pink Three Product Review

OK so everyone and their mom seems to be obsessed with Nyx products, most likely because they seem to be quite inexpensive and they are quite pigmented. I was in Ulta the other day and they had a buy one get one 50% off deal as well as a new member deal, so these three items ended up being $8.00! Not bad for three things, I think. Oh, and they are cruelty free!
It's very rainy today, thus the raincoat! The blush was recommended by Tanya Burr in her most recent youtube video, as was the lipstick.
How I feel about the items:
The quality of them isn't substantial. What I mean to say is, there is no wow factor where I think, "this could be a YSL blush or a NYX blush, I can't tell the difference." That being said, I did find most of the items to be better than expected.
The blush:
Called Rose Garden, it is a flamingo pink color in the case and have several sparkly bits to enhance shine. So if you are looking for a nice pink blush without sparkles, this is not the one for you. I didn't find the sparkles to be overwhelming and surprisingly, I don't find them reflected on my face in an obvious way similar to some sparkly products. Rather, it just gave me a nice glowy look that I really appreciated. Keep in mind I'm also wearing a highlighter on the top portion of my cheeks, which increases the glowing. 
No scent that I'm aware of which is nice. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this blush, to be honest. The case is plastic and clear on top so you can see what color you're picking up. That being sad, it's thin plastic and could probably break easily if you have kids or someone steps on it.
The lipstick:
Called Beige for some unknown reason, this is a pink lipstick that is quite rich. Made in Taiwan. One thing I noticed immediately is the smell. I can't stand the smell. Some people like fake fruit scents, but I just can't handle it. Reminds me of lower school and fruit scented markers... and gum.... and... cough drops. Ugh.  It's like cherry perfumed, and if you get nauseated easily or don't like the smell of cherry, I would warn you against getting this lipgloss. The smell does fade though, and fairly quickly, so if you want to grin and bare it, it's worth it in all other regards. There's even a little bow on top of the lid which is actually pretty cute. 
Let's talk about the applicator really fast:
Photo credit goes to Being Cruelty Free, a blog which talks in depth about products that are not harmful to animals. You can read more about it here!

I do not like this kind of applicator in all honesty, especially the bended bit because it just throws me for a loop. I'm weird and I like the kind of applicator that's a brush, not a sponge tip. Not many companies do this version, but when I find it, I'm very happy. I believe Armani does, if anyone is interested.
All these things being said, I still like the color of the lipgloss. It doesn't stay glossy for very long, but I like how it fades. It goes into a kind of dull shine that makes it look more natural and is really very pretty. 
(note I am wearing lipstick underneath but in a very similar shade)

The Lipliner:
I'm not wearing the lipliner in these photos because it's QUITE bright, but it's called Rose (#840) and is made in Germany (yay!). It's quite a rich pink, somewhere between cherry blossom to flamingo pink. It goes well with the lipgloss, but I didn't like the look of it underneath lipsticks. It's not very moisturizing and definitely left my lips cakey, but it was basically free so it wasn't a thought out purchase. I don't think I'd buy a NYX lip liner again, but it will do the job. 

Out of all three, I think the product I'd be most likely to buy again is the blush. The lipstick second, and I don't think I'd ever buy a lip liner from them again. The latter two were of fair quality and, scent aside, look really pretty on. 
If you want a better idea for what the lipliner looks like on, look at my last post, I was wearing it under a lipstick then and it made it very bright. 
Also, I've been having lots of fun with my Métier de Beauté palette and finally did a semi-different eye than usual! Goooooo meeeeee! You can't even see how cool it is in this photo. Oh well, there is no way I'm going to take more photos. You'll keep seeing the glory of these eyeshadows as time goes on. 
ALSO-- wasn't I supposed to stop buying so many "pink" products? I told myself to buy other colors but I just keep going back to pretty pink shades. Must... change... pace. 

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