Thursday, March 28, 2013

Get RID of that Winter Skin: Buffy

I'm not sure what my deal is but when winter comes around, I kind of give up on my skin. Or at least, I have for the past few years because I just kind of checked out.
But now that I'm back in the swing of living, I can't stand how my skin feels all the time-- it's super dry and red in some areas. Dallas isn't even that cold but I'm telling you, not moisturizing for a while takes it's toll.
I went into Lush for the first time after years and years of avoiding it (the smell kind of always gave me a headache). I just wanted to pop in, see if they had a good scrub, and pop out. I've been on the hunt for a good exfoliator. Well the slightly overly helpful woman dragged me all around the store showing me this and that and I finally emerged for air with (what I hear is pretty popular) the "Buffy."
As their website states, it contains ground rice, almonds, and beans to slough off dead skin, especially on your backside (thus, Buffy the Backside Slayer).
It's got a fair amount of cocoa butter in it, so if you have an allergic reaction that STAY CLEAR. I loved using this in my shower yesterday and I was really eager to try it. It does moisturize your skin so well, and I like the smell of it, too. This morning my skin was still pretty soft (though not as beautifully shiny) so that's a great plus! My one fear is that it won't last very long. We'll see how many uses I can get out of this. Oh, it's also kind of pricey-- $11.95 for a 3.3 oz bar. It comes in 7 oz as well.
You can buy it on Lush's website if you decide to give it a go!

Update: I tested out this product to see how long it would last. It made it about 4-5 showers and that's it! It's recommended for use on your bum to slough off dead skin cells. I love the smell and miss the smoothness it left me after a shower, but I don't want to pay that much again for something that is used up that quickly. A word of advice- keep it away from constant water drizzle because it will chip away at the soap faster. Liked the product, but still on the lookout for a longer lasting exfoliator. 

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