Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dior Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream For Nails: Nail Savior?

My nails are just a part of my body that have gotten some seriously harsh use and abuse over the course of my life. I've always had the really bad habit of picking, biting, and chipping away at my nails. A nervous habit that developed into a compulsion, it's something I've been trying to stop doing for a very long time.

After I broke the front of my tooth (probably from nail biting) I decided my enamel wasn't getting any better and I needed to start giving my nails a little more TLC and stop abusing them (and my mouth). My cuticles have been eternally overlooked. Oops... sorry, nails! I read an article on discovery health about how cutting your cuticles can be really bad for you. Nail salons do this all the time but I've read in magazines time and time again that it's really awful for your nail health. Pushing the cuticle down is what's recommended!

The other day I was walking through Sephora when I found this product by Christian Dior. I put the cream on one side of my hands haphazardly as I walked around. Later that night I noticed one hand was much healthier than the other. Like... much healthier. I've been applying it everyday and I'm just so in love.

The product is quite sticky for a while, so I wouldn't recommend using it on the go. I would push the cuticles down first, and then apply all over the nail. They'll feel much stronger and look neater by morning, and it's only gotten better for me. This is the only product I've found so far where upon looking it up on various websites, has gotten almost a full 5 stars on every website. So, obviously it's working for a lot of people! A little goes a HUGE way, another plus.

I am so impressed with the quality of this product. The smell is nice, not strong, the packaging is gorgeous and simple, and the product works. The only downside is how sticky it is. It takes about 30 minutes for the full stickiness to disappear, but after working it in well it does dissipate. Cost is $24.50 in the US. Highly recommend!

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