Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet "Faux Cils" Shocking Mascara

OK so basically I feel like I am on an eternal hunt for the perfect mascara. My eyelashes have always been light so I need a product to make them stand out. I also feel like, while I have length, I'm always looking for thickening. And it feels like no one ever really delivers all that I want.
I think this is the first time I've bought a second tube of the same mascara so I suppose that's a good sign!
This mascara is for sure on the pricier side. It's $30.00 (eep) and you can buy it online or in store at lots of places, including sephora. It comes in Black, Black Bronze, Burgundy, and Obscure.
I own Black Burgundy though it really is just like a soft black. I don't see any burgundy tones in it at all. I love how it collects on my eyes-- it always seems like it's great coverage for just one application. I only put two layers on at most. One downside is that I do see a bit of the fallout under my eye on occasion. I have to be careful not to rub my eye or annoy it in any way, otherwise you'll get a few dust speckles as you can see in this photo:
Overall, though, I LOVE how thick it makes my eyelashes, and I love the color selection. So far, still my favorite mascara. What kind do you love? Send me recommendations!

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