Monday, October 6, 2014

36 Hours in Brooklyn

So this week I've been visiting my younger sister Jordan in Washington, D.C. I still have no idea when I leave for Seoul (somehow....) but I know it will  be in just a few short weeks so I'm trying to visit all the people I can before I leave. Yes I know it's probably only a year but this move feels serious and I feel a big change coming so for some reason, I feel like I won't see some of these places for a while. 
The morning after we got there it was raining a ton. It was awesome though! I love the rain and the weather in Brooklyn this past weekend truly felt like fall. We bundled up (all I had was birkenstocks though so I had to make an emergency shoe buy) as best we could and headed to Five Leaves for brunch. That place can do no wrong! All the food was delicious. The atmosphere is cozy and let's be real, it's brunch in Brooklyn, so life was really good that morning.  
 I accosted this waitress about this shirt which is a quote from one of my favorite youtube videos. It was from her failed clothing line. If only I had known about it earlier, I would have purchased this shirt! RIP, her independent clothing line.
 Ricotta pancakes, BALT sandwich, & the big brekkie, respectively. Did you know Heath Ledger created this restaurant? He died before he could see it's birth. How sad is that? But good job, Heath! The place is great! 
 While waiting for brunch we made a pit stop at Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint. The red velvet doughnut there is so good! The inside is excellent and very much old New York feeling. The women who work there wear what looks like a 1983 uniform in teal and pink colors, and the people who are eating at the bar have the aura of being regular customers. Also, look how cute my sisters are. What will I do without them (reasonably) near me? :( 
 So this was the skyline of Manhattan that morning. It was awesome.
 After the harbor visit we did some shopping and stopped by Toby's Estate (or, as I remembered the title being, Jacob's Cavern). Great drinks! Great interior! Love this place and will definitely be back again. 
 After this we did some more shopping, got our nails done, and saw the scary movie Anabelle which was pretty horrible all around. 
 After the movie got out we walked a long way for some garlic knots before getting some take out and retiring to Mary's apartment for some skype and k-dramas. 
 We also passed the point of an actual alien abduction. I mean what is this? What's happening here? The drink and the snickers bar package? And a set of shoes? This was the real mystery of the evening.

Then I got really sad as I started thinking about the future and leaving everyone and tbh guys it was really sad. 
 The next day we rushed over to the bus because we were late and I had to hurry and get on but then I was so sad and I lost my sandals on the bus as I ran out to say bye to Mary one more time. Let's be real this was a true movie/ tv moment because I was crying so hard in my socks on the sidewalk of New York as the Bolt Bus people were (I'm sure) confused/ surprised/ annoyed with this sudden onslaught of emotion. But guys I'm really bad at saying goodbye?

Logically I know I don't live near my siblings. I know if I were getting a job in the United States I still wouldn't see them that often. But there is something about the distance of this move, the strong feelings of fear and the unknown I have associated with it, that makes it more difficult. There were a lot of things I was sad about and crying to Mary about, but I think the bulk of it was my fear for her and her future and happiness, my fear of the unknown (when will I see her again? will I be ok? selfish thoughts), and sadness because of a parting. She and I are both going through strange and difficult life transitions. My fear for my future is also linked with my fear for her future. Will we be ok? Will we get through this? Anyway, I walked back onto the bus with a blotchy face and a couple of little "aww" remarks and took the eternal bus ride with Jordan back to DC where we drowned our sorrows in Shake Shake and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. 



  1. I was so glad to see you. Thank you so much! You are the best, and I am soooooo glad you came up

    1. Mary I had so much fun and our goodbye will forever be seared into my memory as one of the most tragically dramatic and sad things ever. But really you made it an awesome weekend and I'm so thankful you're my sister. I love you!


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