Sunday, July 7, 2013

Exiting Stuff Ahead // Flash Lens Aviators

OK guys, I will now announce that in a few weeks I will be headed off to Paris for three weeks, following which I will go to Norway and Denmark for eight days. I feel so excited and privileged to be going to Europe for a month-- I've missed it so much as several of you know and I can't wait to be back.
Of course this means a few things, one being that I need to start setting aside shopping money, and another being the start of some intense research into things to do. Since I lived in Paris for several months I am familiar with it and have been to the "main targets" many many times. I want to start exploring some of the areas I'm not as familiar with, so I've begun the process of writing down coffee shops, stores, and smaller museums that I want to visit. If anyone knows anything about Norway or Denmark (specifically Copenhagen) send me an e-mail or comment below to let me know of fun things around. I have never traveled in Scandinavia before so I'm not sure what to expect (except heavy taxes and prices.)

Aside from that I'm still struggling to get over Hawaii time. I've been so lazy and unproductive this whole week and now that it's ending I feel the need to kick it into high gear, meaning more posts, on more topics, as well as finally finishing my degree up and all those other boring things.

Also, I finally purchased some Ray-Ban flash lensed aviators and I'm in love! They're so great, even my brother-in-law liked them enough to buy a pair while we were in Maui.
 The view was spectacular. You can see the island of Molokai in the distance.
These lenses are so beautiful and come in three colors but I thought blue looked the best with my complexion. 

Bonus picture: this little dog was so excited to see us when we got back, she collapsed as I was unpacking and fell asleep like this!



  1. Hi Julia! I love to travel too and I would love to go to Paris one day. I actually just added a tab to my blog about all the places I have been and links to all my travel posts so it is all in one place. I did a whole new design on my blog. If you want to check out the page you can find it here:

    I know what you mean about the time difference, When I went to Dubai last month it was 8 hours ahead of Toronto. It was brutal! When I got there I tried to stay awake to adjust my body and sleep when it was night there but I was like a zombie. When I finally got use to it I had to come back and then it was so hard to adjust back again!

    I hope you have a safe and amazing trip :)

    1. I honestly think returning is worse than going over there! Dubai sounds fun but SOOO hot, I hate the heat, so I think next vacation for me must be somewhere cold! I'll check out your tab, I love travel obviously so I'd love to see how you do it!


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