Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun with Ghosts

A lot of people may know (or may not!) about the resident ghost here in this hotel. A few years after the hotel opened a young woman named Kate Morgan came to stay, and after a few days, committed suicide. Workers, visitors, and guests at the hotel have reported over the years plenty of paranormal activity. You can visit the room she stayed in, currently listed as 3312 (though apparently room 3502 has many ghostly appearances as well). Tonight my family and I will be visiting the floor. I've been there before and it was definitely spooky, the hair on my arms stood up and everything.
Yesterday I was playing around with the camera in a state of boredom and got the idea for the following photos.
Did you know you could take photos through the peephole? Well I didn't. And if you didn't, now you know!
Many more Del photos coming up, including some reviews. I fly home tomorrow evening and am excited because there should be some products there waiting for me! Also coming up are some make-up reviewwws yayyyy.



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