Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Few Birthday Gifts...

As I said earlier, on Saturday I went out with some friends to a mall here in Dallas to do some make-up shopping, because that's all I seem to be interested in lately. Aside from the Bite lipstick that I reviewed a few days ago, I got some other items I'm going to show you now! I also posted a photo of something I've wanted I think since high school and that's the Louis Vuitton key ring card holder. 
The first item I purchased was a Bare Minerals foundation. I got a sample from Nordstrom's with one of my orders and I actually really liked the coverage and how it made my skin feel (soft!)
Normally I don't choose the powders in a compact but this one had SPF 20 and all the rest had SPF 15. I like getting the maximum SPF possible because it's such an easy way to protect your skin if it's already in the make-up. The photo above has the powder on one half of the face (the one closest to you) and the other half has no make up on. It has enough coverage that quite a lot of my freckles are covered, so it's pretty decent, which I was surprised by. No scent, and no real powdery residue. I like it! Purchased at Sephora for $29.  
The next item I purchased was a Chanel lipgloss, #174 (Glossimer). I have a few Chanel lipsticks that I love but not the lip glosses. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I have an addiction/ problem with becoming obsessed with one color and buying too much of it. I was having a tough time with light pink, and finally decided to get something different. 
I like this color, even if it's kind of more fall/ winter than summer. Oh well, I can be patient :) Plus maybe there will be a look I can come up with that will work with this color. Who knows? I definitely want to buy more lip glosses, especially from Dior and Clarins so those colors will be more spring/ summery. It was $29.50 at Nordstrom, or at the Chanel website.
The last item I purchased for myself was a Laura Mercier eye liner in black turquoise. Of course I love her products because I think they are so high quality and great for natural looks. The color I chose was faintly aquamarine and has a subtle ocean-y vibe about it that I like. Definitely will be using in Maui this June!
 I like that it's a subtle amount of color without being too in your face. Also, please remind me to get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow?? This is getting out of control. Can be purchased here or here for $20.
Last but not least, the LV card holder. Love at first sight to be honest. 
A few things: it comes inside a box with a freaking leather handle how awesome is that. They really pay attention to the details. Then you have the soft little bag to store it in, which is perfect because then you're things don't get ruined! My mom said they were amazing-- she ordered the product online, they delivered promptly via fedex with a tracking device. Also, it's still made in France, which not all major companies (at least French or British based) are doing anymore. Very proud of you, Louis Vuitton, keep up the good work.
What can I say, I love using it. I love how it feels, I love how it holds my keys. It's the perfect size for a few cards and some petty cash and great for going out and not wanting to bring in a whole wallet. I love the checker print design. The one concern I have is the wearing off of the gold tone. I'm worried that will disappear quickly. Or that the chain will break? We'll see. Basically I can't wait to order my next item from them! Neverfull, you're mine within the year! 
Hope everyone had a great wednesday. Is it the weekend yet?



  1. Wow I really love that color lip gloss!

    1. It's bold for me, but I'm working on getting past that!


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