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January Favorites!

OK guys, this was a tough selection to make but I mean, let's get down to business, we all have favorites and this month there were definitely things I reached for muuuuch more often than others.
Here's the list: Biosilk Silk Therapy for Hair, Smashbox Lipstick in Pout, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen, AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex, MAC 217 Brush, and MAC eyeshadows in Naked Lunch and Vanilla.
Non make-up first: Biosilk. I have lots of smoothing hair oils and serums and stuff, but I love this so much, mostly for the smell. It's not fruity or woodsy or anything, it simply smells like "generic hair salon." That's the best way I can describe it, but when I put it in my hair, it just smells like it's been handled by a really wonderful hair stylist who sprayed it with something that I can never really replicate at home. You know? Also, it's pretty good at smoothing your hair.
After getting out of the shower my hair is always frizzy as heck and just OOC (out of control). It wasn't always this way, but I took this medication that changed my hair and so it's gotten really dry and frizzy. I almost always put some sort of product when my hair is slightly damp. This one smells great, and does a fairly good job at smoothing, so it's on my list because I used it almost every day. Since my hair is long, I used about a dime sized amount on my palm, ponytailed my hair with my hand and ran it through, then gently put some through my roots. I bought it at Ulta, but you can buy it online for about $15.00
Fresh face cleanser just had to be on here because it's the best face wash I've ever used. It doesn't smell good, so don't be put off by that. It smells vaguely of soy and like... earthy natural things. Not overwhelming, but not sweet/ fruity/ whatever smelling. Just, kind of unscented. It's expensive at $38.00, you can find it at the fresh website (here), but you only need a pea sized amount mixed with water and put over your whole face. Mine is going to last me a long time, and for the clear skin it gives me I'd say it's totally worth it. Never had a better face wash in my life, I swear by it.
The AMOREPACIFC Eye Complex was part of a gift given to me for Christmas from my parents. It's only a sampler, I don't know much about the company itself other than it's REALLY expensive. I like it because it's not too thick, it feels really good on my eyes, and it actually for me did reduce the bags under my eyes. However, caution: it's $125, and most of the reviews I've read say that for the price, it's not amazing. Will I buy it again? No. But it does make my eyes feel refreshed and clean, and I've been using it a lot this month so that's why its here!
Yeah my life is really sad and my MAC Pro Palette isn't even full yet. That's what happens when all these new colors come out and I have other priorities for a little while. The middle two are the ones I've been using so much lately, because I've really been enjoy simple eyes and bold lips. 
Both of these colors are really light so it's hard to see how awesome there are. The left is Naked Lunch, which I think just looks so good with light browns on the eye and a little bit of a cat-eye. The right is Vanilla, which I like wearing on my brow bone or in the inner part of my eye. They are both available at MAC stores or in department stores that sell MAC. They are $12 for the pro-palette refill (x) and $15 for the little pot.
Do people have crushes on brushes? I never see those on monthly favorite lists but here I am, breaking boundaries left and right. This is the MAC 217 brush, probably the most popular brush but I have somehow only just gotten it?! I am obsessed. It makes all my eyeshadows look exactly as I want them to. Straight up don't know how I've lived my whole life without this puppy. Blends eyeshadow perfectly, creates the best smoky eye, and super soft. 
You can get it at any MAC store or department store that supplies MAC. It's $23.00 (here is the link to the MAC website). Love love love it and use it daily.
I never was a big Bobbi Brown person, mostly because I'm weary of names that end in "i" that normally end in "y" but that's a personal issue. I have been buying tons of Bobbi Brown lately so I guess I'm repenting for my judgement. I love this gel eyeliner, I've purchased some from MAC before that dried out so quickly, but this has stayed super moisturized. I love the richness of it and it's longevity, though for some reason it does smear on my bottom lashes by the end of the day. 
(enhanced to show texture, is actually darker and blacker than this). I like using this when I want my eyeliner to stand out more, or when I want to do any kind of wing at the end of my eyelid. 
Isn't she a beauty. $23.00 at Bobbi Brown's website, or wherever else you can find it in big department stores and boutiques. It's also cool because there are so many more shades of this, so you can definitely find a color to fit your skin or preference! 
OMG two more phew ok. So I think bases to eyeshadows are so important because it creates a canvas out of your eyelid. It also makes the shadow last longer and keeps from creasing (big problem esp. with cream shadows). 
This is the color "Linen," but Laura has different shades for different skin tones and eyeshadow preference. I've had this for a while but I forgot about it completely and have been using it a ton this month. It's $24.00 and you can get it on Laura Mercier's website, or counter at any big department store near you.
Told you I've had it for a while.
Lastly is Smashbox's lipstick in Pout. I don't know why I've been wearing this so much lately, all I know is that I love the matt color and I think it's so fun to play up in the daytime and with some dramatic metallic eyeshadows at night.
Weird that you can see the tree reflected in my teeth.
This is a kind of drying formula (as most matt lipsticks are) so I make sure to moisturize my lips before I wear this. I love how bright it is. I don't own much else Smashbox make-up wise, but I do really love this color! Packaging has changed since I bought it and it fell into my make-up drawer unused for a long time, but it's $19.00 and you can get it at Nordstrom among other major retailers.

So yeah that's it, the very lengthy list of January favorites! Took me all day and a lot of time, so please remember do ask me permission if you want to use any photos. All items were purchased by me unless gifted by family members.

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  1. those eyeshadows look beautiful!

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