Saturday, February 16, 2013

Instagrams from the Week

I have some new products coming in, so when I get that last one I can to a haul/ review of some of the products! Excited about all of them, they've been great so far.

From the top: Dog sleeping like a crazy person, Texas sunsets, salon where I got my hair cut, working out at the gym with one of my best friends Caroline, rain creating melting trees through glass, the bathroom at a restaurant on Valentine's day.

Mixed feelings about this week, in a lot of ways it was very difficult but also very rewarding. I had a bout of pretty harsh cyber bullying that left me down in the dumps and feeling bad, but I also worked out a lot this week, made progress with school work, and other personal goals. So, yeah, all in all, mixed week.

However, lots of exciting things coming up in the next week, very excited to make some of these posts!


  1. Sad to hear about your cyber bullying :(( Hope you know, how to ignore what they say and live your life without worrying about them!

    What's your Instagram account?? Your pics seem cool, and your Finnish cyber friend would be happy to follow you ;)

    xo Viivi

    1. Haha, thanks so much Viivi, I was surprised about how rude they were (it was on my weight loss blog) but whatever, I hadn't ever dealt with stuff like that before and now I know what to expect. My instagram name is juliakingsley (surprised?) What's yours? I LOVE instagram!

    2. Ahh, that's real cruel, cause at least for me, weight loss was a bit of a sore subject anyway :(( but as a blogger you need to be prepared for all kinds of feedback, I guess...
      I was actually skillful enough to find you already!! Yay me! I'm following you by the account name @vinxie :))


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